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When The Labels Come Calling

The label sporting brigade was out in full force at the Lipton tea promotional event at spa and I couldn’t help but flag down a couple of labels!

The picture below is of Nandita Mahtani carrying a Balenciaga bag which had caught on really big and fast with A listers and fashionistas alike, but that was a while ago and is so last season and an absolute ‘has-been’ now!


Buy via BagBorroworSteal

I also spotted her wearing Gucci ‘royal’ flat pumps! Canvas and dotted with the logo, all over! Its always the same fashion offense, logo overkill!


Buy via Gucci

And then there is Madhoo carrying an Hermes Birkin Bag. The absolute lustworthy bag that costs upwards of thousands of dollars and where one has to be on a waitlist for months and months! And Madhoo has that bag, unbelievable! And how can one carry a Birkin and be dressed like that? Am speechless.


Madhoo has a Birkin. Seriously. I can’t get over it.

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