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Bad And Bad: A FaceOff!

Urmila at a store launch came off looking like the ‘desi’ version of a Vegas showgirl- crystals, feathers, bling, et al! And Katrina, well, she looked like a leprechaun’s pot of gold exploded all over her!

In the FaceOff between bad and bad, Kaif fares a bit better but thats no real compliment either, is it? Who gets your vote?

Left: Urmila Matondkar At Delna Poonawala’s Store Launch
Right: Katrina Kaif At +MediSpa Launch


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A Hop, A Skip, A Jump

Spotted Shreya Saran at various events sporting the same ‘school-girl-cute-dress’ look again and again..Her look almost makes me want to play hopscotch. Almost. If I wasn’t so mind-numbingly bored…
The fit remains the same, yawn..the length remains the same, the styling remains the same, the hair stays same, and…yawn..yeah, what was I saying..?

Above: At Stardust Awards

Left: At The Premiere Of Asterix
Right: At ‘One More Thought Entertainment’ Launch


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