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Again And Again!

Unlike that other instance, this time Rani Mukherjee waited years before she repeated her outfit! With the outfit in question though, I wish she waited a lifetime…

But its infinitely better (the waiting period, not the outfit itself) than Karishma Kapoor who couldn’t even wait a week to repeat hers!

At IIFA Awards, 2006

At Ambani Bash, 2008

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"Bra"iling Issues

Want to wear an outfit that is see-through?

Well, make sure that you wear underwear that doesn’t show. Go for strapless innerwear! Do not be a Kashmira!

But then, what do you do, when that strapless innerwear still manages to peek through like it does for Rani.

Then, my dears, it is time to either to go to the adhesive alternatives or skip the outfit altogether!

Kashmira @ Website Launch

Rani @ Ambani Bash

If you are still daring and want to stick to the pasties, get some adhesive options available at Victoria’s Secret here.

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