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A Fashion Show: Adarsh Gill

Adarsh Gill recently showed his collection that was a mix of both Indian clothes and western silhouettes… Nothing about this collection jumps out at us. The western silhouettes have been done and the colors seem tired. The saris fared much better, there were some (few) pieces that were skillfully crafted and work was beautiful! But mostly, garish, dated, tired and done. Not enthused.

25-adarsh-gill-fashion-show-oct-08.jpg 26-adarsh-gill-fashion-show-oct-08.jpg

23-adarsh-gill-fashion-show-oct-08.jpg 24-adarsh-gill-fashion-show-oct-08.jpg

20-adarsh-gill-fashion-show-oct-08.jpg 21-adarsh-gill-fashion-show-oct-08.jpg

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