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Whoa baby, we made it to Vogue’s Fashion Power List! Woohoo. It’s such an honor. We can’t thank the Vogue team enough. SO KICKED!

And like always, a big, big, big thank you to you, the readers… You keep us blogging every day! Virtual hugs to every one!

P.S: And now that you know what we look like (that’s Payal on the left and on the right, moi), should we be worried about targets on our backs? :p

Vogue India, Oct 2010

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  1. A face (or two) to the website! I’m going to hunt you guys down… To say hi. :)
    I must be honest though (And I mean it in the best way possible…I thought you were a couple of middle aged women, married, possibly blingy and an exquisite range of hand bags to go with it all)

    But you’re young! (ah, you’ll get there some day!)

    Cheers to you guys, my guilty pleasure. :)

    Keep them posts coming you guys!
    All the love and luck in the world.

  2. Hey Girls!! Congrats on that ! Great Job ! And so nice to see the mystery girls finally uncovered. You girls look like normal people too.. lol…
    (Just hope no biasness to Vogue now ;-p I am sure you wont !)

  3. Hugs back at you both…. Congrats! This is HUGE.

    We finally get to see you both. You gals look so sweet, and are tough enough to send shivers down the designers and celebrities.

    • Same here, my day is never complete without visiting your website atleast once. I am not a fashion person at all but i guess every person specially woman wants to look presentable and your blog has always helped me to dress myself better. Many many congratulations and so happy to see how you both really look like. JAI HO HHC :)

  4. Congrats ladies..
    I had a very different mental pic of you guys.
    Anu Dewan made the list.. wow!!for what.. carrying a bag..
    I object..but that aside I’m a fan of your blog!

  5. I get uneasy if some ppl keep half info hidden from me.. that’s what happened to me when I couldn’t picture ur faces with your words.. I searched for ur pics but sadly couldn’t find em newhere… now I m finally at ease! lol..
    u both look so sweet.. hard to believe there is a tough shell under there ;)

  6. congrats, we can finally put a face to the name. I must disagree with some of the other individuals who made the list. Gauri over shadowing her husband? not a chance. I like Gauri, but she can never over shadow her husband.

  7. congrats girls… for making the fashion power list!
    the text tho… i object to it… makes it seem that you guys prefer bitchy comments… when more often than not i’ve seen you being super kind (even to those who least deserve it). even your whatheeyyyss are pretty gentle :)

  8. Wow! Finally! The world gets 2 c The Payl n Priyanka :) Its so nice 2 c ya gurls.. n I must say U both look very cheerful n sweet… I jus wish we had a full picture of urs. Anyway… Now dat we have seen you, can we expect more n more pics coming our way??? ;)

    Congratulations on making it to the list.. U both deserve it. (Virtual huggiess)

    Surprised 2 c Anu diwan, Gauri khan make it… they r so not deserving. I object. :-/

    Ay.. Fashionmeal I ‘m wid ya. ;)

  9. oh shoot!! u both look waay pretty than I imagined!! lolzz.. i seirously had a pretty older image on my head.. :P anyways congratulations and best of luck for ahead.. :) addicted to this blog and surprisingly.. i check this before checking my mail.. one religious follower u can say :P

  10. Awesome ! Congratulations ….. This is really big ….. not a article on fashion blogs but the power list! …. WOW!

    Now that you both have been unveiled, can we hope to see a fashion feature on your personal style, likes and dislikes ?

    On secondary stuff – Gauri khan, avanti birla, feroze and anu dewan? …. There are better fashion regulars … aren’t there ? .. please say yes :)

  11. Payal, I think an updo would look better with those ear rings… hahaha just kidding girl ;)

    Im soooooo happy for you girls, young, confident and plenty in the looks department… Way to go!!!

    Gimme us some virtual cookies as well!!

    ps: Im just going to ignore the fact that Anu Dewan and Gauri Khan made the list.. *rolls eyes*

  12. congrats!! much deserved! thanks for all the hard work its definitely my go to blog for the indian fashion scene. love everything about your reporting from the ghastly to gorgeous!!

  13. Mighty congrats, ladies!

    Ditto @ naiad about the updo. P&P, You always want the celebs to do a sleek pony tail or some kind of an updo? I was expecting both of you in that. Disappointed. ;D

  14. congratulations PnP!! very well deserved recognition. i am a rabid fan that begins and ends my day with ur blog…so loooove that you are being recognized at this level :-)

  15. um….i know i am probably the only person here who thinks this, but being put in a fashion power list with anu dewan and avantika birla is nothing to be happy about.

    especially if you are fashion bloggers who presume to tell your readers what is tasteful and what is not!

    anyway, i’m happy that you’re happy :)

    and yes — full length photos please!

  16. Congratulations! Great work, guys!
    On a different note, I too disagree with Gauri Khan’s inclusion on the list. Nothing against her, but her presence at Indian fashion shows can’t be of much real significance; she never wears anything but Cavalli and other foreign labels. Furthermore, her taste is often rather suspect. Twinkle Khanna would have been a more justifiable presence on that section – not only is she stylish and tasteful, but she also wears lots of Anamika Khanna and Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla; she is definitely more of an arbiter of fashion on the Indian scene.

  17. It is rily nice 2 c u girls.. now I understand Y u were hiding from us all these days. U girls look so so ordinary with zero fashion sense. Looks like You girls live ur fantasies by criticizing others… U knew u were going to be featured in Vogue n dis is d best u cud look?? lolz..
    Anyway… I don want to congratulate jus for the sake of it.. as someone already mentioned.. having been featured along wid Anu, Avanti n Gauri, U don have many thing to be happy about.
    U r doing a gud work on ur blog.. all d best.

  18. Finally we get a glimpse of the mysterious beauties.. you gurls looks cute but wish we cud see what you wearing :)
    congrats! keep up the good work

  19. Congrats P n P.Well deserved.

    Is that seriously YOU??

    If you look this pretty,why on earth did you guys take so long to come out and post ur pics, huh?

    Anyways,happy to see finally.Agree with the rest,you guys certainly don’t look that tough:)

    With all that’s happening I see you two writing for Vogue very soon.

    All the best.

  20. i love love love love you guys…and also the blog…kisses and hugs!!!! and for those who wrote some nasty things up there..please be nice don’t be mean to these fab girls!!!!

  21. o wow congrates PnP… u r the only celebrity with whom i hv evr contacted… lol.. well u guys look total FAB.. n like all others, even i ws under impression tht u guys r either middle aged or obese… ;) plus i also thought tht may be u r south indians living in sm foreign country (frm ur choice in saris).. bt yeah, it ws a pleasant surprise to finally hv a look at ur lovely n fresh faces… n by luking at both of u, i m missing my best frnd a lot, she hs moved to US, n we used to hv crazy plans like u guys… :D anyway, all the best n virtual hugs to u guys in return.. Congrates once again :)

    • Hmm.. So if they are south indian & live in the US, they won’t look like this? Such juvenile comments. Sorry, to break it to you, but like Shi said, one is in fact a SOUTH indian!:P

    • And what exactly is wrong with being South Indian? You talk like being South Indian is a disease….. don’t forget the worlds most beautiful woman is Aishwarya Rai ( and before you argue that shes not I don’t mean it literally…. but if you do a search on the worlds most beautiful woman on google her name comes up first), anyway my point is if you talk about anyone from any part of India like this North, South, East or west you need to get a life buddy!

      • omg… all those who hv commented upon my remarks.. i m really surprised to see UR OWN NARROW THINKING… wen did i say tht being south indian, obese or middle aged is a crime… or those kinda ppl dnt hv fashion sense… all i wanted to say ws tht, since PnP nevr showed their pics, so i used to think tht may be they r obese… n no doubt abt their fashio sense… bt i thought tht may be they wd be under impression tht it wd be best to disguise themselves in tht situation… n it turned out to b tht they r nt obese n are infact r very b’ful… n yes, wen i said south indian.. i meant tht frm their choice of saris, it is quite apparent they belong to south india.. as most of ppl in north like blingy things with bright colors… n nw let me tell u one thing… i m north indian n my BF is south indian, n i do hv a lot of south indian frnds.. so i very well knw the ups n downs of both communities… n PLUS I NEVR WROTE ALL THT IN ANY SUCH INTENTION.. u totally misinterpretd my comment, n gave it a differnt meaning by focusing on south indian part… n well, all thsoe who think tht i need to get a life… i just want to say one thing…

  22. Hi P & P,
    Congrats on the Vogue List! Also, don’t worry about the negative comments, because you know you have truly arrived when people have both positive and negative opinions on your blog. Enjoy the accolades and just lock away the negative feedback (especially if it’s mean spirited). I don’t always agree with your analysis, but really appreciate the space you have created to discuss fashion of South Asian celebrities and artists. :)

  23. Well then ladies. That settles it. Look at how many people raised their hands!
    You know what to do. ;)
    Can we expect a post on the two of you soon?

  24. Congrats Pand P! Lovely to see your blog grow so big and finally put a face to the girls who somehow I feel like I know through the windows we get to your personalities through your words!

  25. it is so nice to see you girls. you girls looks so ordinary and simple. it makes you girls so approachable. love ur blog.

    what wat i imagines of you girls, you girls were hot , slim and in trendy clothes but i was wrong. loved this better

  26. You TWO deserver it!! I see how you two make this blog one by posting content without any delay. I feel so great when i see the celebs and socialites on your page first before Delhi times, the vey next day morning….

    Way to go!!

  27. I am sorry guys, but I don’t know how and why you both made it . IT IS VOGUE ! They should lift their standards. You both are gossip meddlers who provide gossip to some very very voracious people. It should have been Ambika Anand and/or Vinod Nair. You are a tabloid blog with a very , very lousy grammar.
    I think Vogue knew that you would post this up on your blog, and who wouldn’t mind getting free marketing ?

    • They are there because they run what is probably India’s most famous fashion blog. Because they bring fashion to the regular people who don’t have the money to spend on couture, who don’t move around in birkin circles but still have an opinion on it because, well because they all love fashion and beautiful clothes.

      As for gossip, two words – I WISH! …. whenever i tried to sneak in gossip on actors, my comments got deleted … If anything, your criticism should have been that they don’t allow any gossip and kill half the fun of it all! … just imagine hundreds of girls (and some guys) log in every day to see who is wearing what and don’t even get to share any naughty gossip …. Criminal.

      And if vogue wanted to get free publicity, wouldn’t they have featured a lot more of the fashion blogs floating around ? … And they would have been better off choosing another blog because i distinctly remember P&P criticising their un-inspiring covers more than once ….

      Seriously, i’m sure there are a couple of legitimate faults with HHC. but what you have listed is just plain silly. Come up with something better and then we will talk.

    • 4 questions…
      1) Vogue desperate for free marketing..??
      2) Were you featured in one( or more) of the WTheyys..??
      3) Jealous..??
      4) Why you wasting your time on this ‘tabloid blog’..??

      Lighten up man..!! neither Vogue nor HHC is bout world peace..!! SMILE :)

    • Bitter much? HHC has NEVER been about the gossip, which you would know if you actually paid any attention to its content. Seriously, all your allegations seem so flimsy and reek of bitchiness. HHC has never claimed to be about an academic point of view on fashion; the girls have always freely and cheerfully admitted that they’re doing this for fun. And they’re doing it mighty well, I’d say. The coverage of the fashion weeks and other major fashion events in India is meticulous, P and P never seem unfairly biased. and yet are unabashed about their opinion, and it’s all done in a light-hearted, joyous spirit. As for their grammar, I can’t help but point out that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t be so eager to cast stones. “Gossip meddlers”? “A very, very lousy grammar”? If I were you, and so very anxious about grammatical precision, I’d have proofread my comment before posting it. I admit that the grammar on HHC isn’t always perfect, but then neither is the grammar on The Sartorialist. The girls manage to keep their content readable, interesting and informed, and I give them major props for that.

    • @Sorry!
      I don’t want to nit-pick or be nasty about the people you mentioned, but, I like HHC so…

      #1 Gossip meddlers? “A” very very lousy grammar?

      #2 Ambika Anand is no style maven. I think she needs to correct quite a few pronunciations of her own. I’ve noticed on her show that she mangles the pronunciation of almost all the brands she name drops. In any case, the fashion input is probably more from Mohan Neelakanthan than the lady herself, so if anyone needs to feature, it’s him.

      And finally #3. Vinod Nair- are you kidding me? Have you read his blog on the Hindustan Times page? I remember when he first began, he wrote “courgette” or something instead of “cleavage”!!! I called him out on it in the comments section. Of course, it was never approved. Now of course, that post itself has been deleted.

      P & P: This comment may not pass yr rigorous screening. Pls feel free to edit, but do post the pertinent bits!

  28. Congratulations! You truly deserved it! Just becoz they included Gauri Khan or some other celebrities who don’t deserve the space doesn’t mean your inclusion is any less worthier. You know fashion and everybody here learnt atleast a thing or two here about fashion from you. I can’t believe some people here are saying that this is a gossip blog when you have such strict rules about talking about anything other than fashion. I also cant believe that some people here thought that you were obese just because you didnt want your pictures plastered all over the website. This is a blog about fashion, designers and what celebrities are wearing and if P&P want their privacy, we should let them have it.

    It was really nice to put a face to all these posts and you guys are really pretty but putting up more pictures of yourselves and posts about your personal style is your choice. We love you with/without them! May you get more mentions, (even exclusive articles of just you guys) coz you truly deserve it!

    • true that! just becuz PnP are fashion critics doesnt mean they have to be fashionistas. we have film critics, that doesnt mean they have to be good actors or know acting!
      to be asked to show their closets or personal style or their pics(when they dont want to) is simply putting pressure!
      want to congratulate P n P and hope u continue posting on the blog in the same manner or better. Do what u like to do guys, that is analysing fashion sense of celebrities and showing us good clothes, bags and shoes. if u go off the track we will still suck it up. kudos!

  29. P&P!! Finally faces to names!!! :))))) Congrats chicas!!!! its soo awesome to see you guys there……I want to know…r ull in NYC?!!!! TELLLLLLLLLL :))…I hope I run into you’ll if you are…..

  30. Congo PnP !!!!
    Bang on…I had a strong feeling you guys must be young n cheerful fashion aficionados and how right i was! The vibes are all over the blog …annnnnd I also feel the GPS that you gals are in California..yes no yes no?!?!
    You guys have brought fashion more closer to our desks,judging commenting,learning,exploring,loving,hating and having fun! My days are never complete without visiting hhc! :P

  31. Awww, M majorly happy for you!!!
    We all know the reason you got mentioned is because your blog is the best!
    And wowsers! you two gals look a lot younger than what I expected.

  32. Congratulations on your Vogue entry…awesome!
    I can imagine how many celebrities would have bookmarked HHC by now! Take it to the next level now girls!!!
    By the way, I had exactly this image of you in my mind, bright faced bright eyed, super shiny hair and pretty lookings(-:
    Enjoy your good times and thanks for the daily retreat you offer me!

  33. i am addicted to this blog and got my boss addicted…and i follow like 100 of them but i love ur’s esp for bolly style…congrats to u both…and yes aye aye


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