In Nachiket Barve

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Wearing a white slip dress featuring a mesh hem by Nachiket Barve, Yami attended the Elle Graduates soiree on Wednesday evening in Mumbai. A slip dress can be quite tricky to pull off, but she did it with quite ease.

Think she wears it well, as well?

Yami Gautam

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  1. Not everyone call pull this look … it might look like a sleepwear but have to admit she wore it very well and it compliments her beautifully

  2. How is this “designer”? It looks like the inner lining of a sheer dress. Yami, to her credit, fares better than most would’ve.

  3. For some reason, I remember the episode from friends where Rachel is in her lingerie at Joshua’s house and his parents walk in. And she has to go out for dinner in it ?

  4. She does manage to make it less unsightly but to me a slip dress anywhere outside the bedroom or on a magazine cover feels like a misfit.

  5. This looks like inner-wear for a bridal dress.
    Like everyone said, to her credit, she does wear the look well.
    Slip dresses are tricky, but I do not understand why designers insist on making slip dresses in satiny material – it gives a very lingerie-ish look.
    In another fabric maybe they would look better.


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