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Yami visited the sets of a TV show on Sunday for promotions of Uri wearing a strapless dress from Storets. Didn’t care for the dress nor the boot pairing. Neck up though she looked lovely.

On an aside, I am not sure if because of the many appearances stars have to make, stylists cave in and do fillers from these random Instagram-famous labels that all mass source from China, but they sure are doing a disservice by encouraging such labels. The outfits from them always have a bad finish job and always are ill-fitted.

Yami Gautam

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Wtheyy ? such an ugly outfit. Color does nothing to her. Nor the fittings. What was she thinking before wearing this?
    Probably they paid her so much that she dint have to worry for rest of her life. This is the only reason I could come up after looking her in this.

  2. I understand that this outfit doesn’t look the best on Yami,but don’t agree with your comment about the brand.

    I’m a fashion blogger and have been following Storets very closely. I’ve personally tried their products and they’re a Korean brand that manufactures both in China and Korea. The quality of their products feel much more premium than “random Instagram-famous labels that all mass source from China”. Please think twice before calling out and putting down labels like this. Just because its not a Balenciaga or an Off-White, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheap or bad quality.

    And this line:The outfits from them always have a bad finish job and always are ill-fitted.—is not entirely true either.

    Expect more responsible verbiage from you ladies!

    P.S: My thoughts on Storets are in no way sponsored.


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