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How can anyone be okay with stepping out of the house dressed like this! And, its not the first time Rituparna has done this.. I would really like to gift her a decent camisole and confiscate that red lipstick of hers.. ewwww!



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  1. she redefines the word “TRASH”……her make up always bothered me n can’t tolerate her sense of clothing nymore, cn sm1 pls ask her to stay away from her 2tone light foundation n tht berry lipcolor as well……ughhhhh!

  2. u guys are so bitchy. i don’t think i’m going to visit this blog anymore. at least ritu is a good looking successful woman even if she isn’t wearing the right make up or clothes.

  3. yea she doesn’t dress like a celebrity –
    needs to wear a tank top underneath, i’ll pay the 4 dollars it costs to buy one!

  4. @pixie
    that’s sort of the point of this blog…you know the clothes and the makeup
    I really have no idea what was going through her head for this -_-

  5. bitchin abt is certainly nt the point bt analysing……dunno abt others bt em a fashion design student studying in US n this blog is a great place to learn abt the latest trends as well as fashion debacles, this blog is nt abt favoritism n star worship but simply abt fashion sense!……

  6. i didn’t mean bitching…i meant the commentating on clothes and makeup
    It is about fashion after all…which can turn bitchy ;)

  7. I agree with pixie… i was aghast at the way everyone ripped apart Taboo for her black-dress-wtih-blue-jeans fiasco.
    Taboo is a great actress and i doubt SHE ever claimed to be a fashionista. So its unfair to expect her to be bothered with the fine nuances of glam-rules.
    Even for the lasy in this picture (who i agree has made a complete mockery of herself by wearing what she has), nothing justifies statements like ‘she’s trash’ and ‘she’s scary’.
    i suppose i will read the blog but stay away from the comments. You guys need to take a good look at yourselves in the mirror before you character-assasinate someone for botching up their “look”.

  8. i am tired of this woman and her misguided fashion (non)sense. look at that tummy! y wud she reveal it and that too so distastefully?! what the hell was she thinking? i guess she was NOT thinking. her white bra thingy looks soooo cheap.


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