WTHeyy: The Male Edition

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Bobby and Akshaye make a second appearance and this time Akshaye is here for parking his shades on his forehead and Bobby for wearing denims with stitching that almost makes it look like his “fly” is open!

Akshay @ Big 92.7 FM
Bobby @ Columbia Records Launch

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  1. oye Akshay and bobby. hehehehe..
    i wonder if akshay will ever get married.. his older brother is still single.. and their dad married twice.. lol

  2. hahahahahahaha
    @Malini – I read somewhere that Akshay said he is never going to get married because he wants to remain free or something like that…made me wonder if he was gay (not that there is anything wrong with that :)
    Those are WEIRD jeans on the both of them…Bobby would have looked fine if it wasn’t for those


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