WLIFW: Payal Jain

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Payal Jain’s collection was called ‘Black Earth’ and had a color palette that seemed to have taken its cue from nature itself, lots of earthy browns, rusty red-browns, winter white and stone greys.

Capes featured predominantly in the collection as did jackets, wide necklines and houndstooth. Embellishment and embroidery were used to accent the pieces.


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  1. The beanies, scarves, boots, gloves and prints, plus the 60s type poncho style flared out coats highlight the collection. The prints help the simple silhouettes work. I like all the coats, which look fun and cosy. I also like the second last wool knitted dress, which would be blissful in winter, both warmth/comfort and style wise.

  2. Ponchos were in two years back….nothing new there, and it is not making a revival. an inconsistant design sense, good cuts, not necessarily good fabric, too busy.


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