WLIFW: Gaurav Gupta

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Gaurav Gupta’s collection had both menswear as well as evening and day for women and the colors stayed predominantly muted whether smokey greys and greens, indigo or matte golds and coppers.

The crepes, chiffons, silks and satin were draped and molded, the jackets were structured, there was a play on symmetry, rather asymmetry and the menswear was extremely structured and the play on deconstruction was evident.


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  1. The focus is on the internal as well as external designs, and it works well as the fabrics are plain and colours are muted. The simple dresses and men’s jacket are given an asymmetrical twist, thus making them interesting. The volumes are given at the right places to create a well balanced look. However, I would have been excited if this collection was a season or two ago.


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