What’s Worse?

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If you thought Gul’s dress was prettty bad, let me remind you of a similar monstrosity worn by her co-star Yuvika to the first look of “Summer 2007”.
Guess, Yuvika learned her lesson and toned it down, but alas, didn’t let Gul know! ;)

gulsummer2007.jpg yuvikalook.jpg yuvikasummerlook1.jpg
Left: Gul, “Summer 2007” Premiere
Right: Yuvika, “Summer 2007” First Look

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  1. atleast yuvika seems to hv da right brassiere! by luking at da two pics one cud easily see da diff a right lingerie cud mk to ur figure~

  2. Lingerie is the key.. kindly suggest Gul to get fitted!
    Seems off shoulder fitted dresses for top heavy women just doesnt gel.. what is the common opinion?

  3. wow this just proves that it’s what you wear on the inside that also matters!

    yeh reshma, these type of dresses should no be worn if you’re top heavy…it just makes u look like u will topple over any second!

  4. royal blue in satin looks so loud… if yuvika’s dress was cream or black, im sure it wouldnt be that bad! but yea those belts gotta go! Atleast that flower or whatever that’s there on the belt has to go!


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