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At the Ambani soirée, Vidya was photographed in a Punit Balana sari. Side-swept hair, bindi and jewelry from Minawala rounded out the actor’s look. She looked lovely.

I like that Vidya brings in a lot of variety with her sari choices. But for someone who takes obvious pride in championing the cause (referring to saris), wish she’d put in just as much thought in to her blouses. Am not buying the signature look shtick. A sari is her signature look, there’s no need to enlist the same ol’ scoop-neck blouse each time too. There are so many other designs she could try to breathe in some freshness in to her looks; wish she’d give ’em a shot. Here’s hoping!

Vidya Balan At Ambanis’ Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Firstly, I’m in total shock. After all these years and posts and much breast-beating by us, your blog readers about VB’s blouses, you suddenly take a stand on them. Don’t get it, what gives?
    Secondly, I don’t think VB wears sarees out of a desire to be varied in her choices or with any real understanding of the garment. Nine out ten times they are the wrong fabric choice, badly draped and styled worse. This is the one rare time she looks OK, barring the ugly latkans on the pallu. All of this is fine, she just wants to wear a saree because she’s comfortable in them and usually has a ‘ leave me alone about them attitude’. So don’t attribute her with starting saree revolutions.

  2. “Am not buying the signature look shtick” . Bahaha. Finally the old P&P is back! Stating obvious facts and not threatened by the mob out here.

  3. Priyanka, what the HHC audience (and apparently you too now) doesn’t understand is that she isn’t “selling” any of her looks. She never did and never will. She tried some experimenting in a movie long ago and failed. Since then, Vidya has stuck to what looks good on her. Period. As she has said in interviews innumerable times, she doesn’t give two hoots about what you or anyone writes about her fashion choices. So, sorry to break it to most people here, but “changing up” is not on the cards.
    And going back to your point about blouses, can you specifically list some styles that might suit her? She wears full sleeves sometimes and if memory serves, has also sported collared ones in the past. Other than that, what exactly do you recommend?

  4. Same old shoddy sari, mata ji blouse and I’ll at ease countenance… yawn! Wake me up when she actually wears a nice sari with crisp pleats and interesting blouse!

  5. I guess we are putting a lot of pressure on the woman (VB). The only actress in today’s time who has accepted the fact that she can look the best mostly in sarees and of a certain kind with typical 3/4 sleeve blouse because of her body shape and body language. I guess we should all give it to her for this. However the look is a tad boring as we have always seen Rekha in the same. I wish VB could explore a bit more in terms of styles of saree draping and blouse cuts. Being a celebrity she should always use one of the dramatic elements in her styling. Sometimes it could be makeup, statement necklace, exquisite saree, color blocking, jewlery or accessories. I have observed that she has looked appealing and interesting when ever she tried it add one of these to her looks. This look above is failing to create a dramatic appearance and is very regular.

  6. Firstly I am neutral about Vidya’s dress sense. It doesn’t blow me or offend me. But I simply don’t get the hate and the irritation. 90% of HHC is celebs wearing the same olds. But if you like a celeb’s face or figure or a particular label there will be oh such a beautiful face and how well she carries it or great dress. Most comments are therefore based on personal liking. This is true of HHC itself since it rarely offers any analysis of a trend or style in India and merely gives a catalogue of labels and tell us if a person looks “nice”. For such a site writers and commenters protest too much.

    And please change your photographer. The designer’s instagram gave me a better idea of this sari and blouse.

  7. Yes, it is the same old blah. But one has to give credit where due. This is definitely one of her better looks. She even fixed her hair and looks nice overall.

  8. I think she looks quite lovely. Everyone seems to be dressed for a wedding reception; Vidya and a select few people are appropriately dressed for a puja.


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