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Wearing a silk sari with temple jewelry, Vidya attended a ceremony yesterday where she was awarded an honorary doctorate by Rai University. She looked lovely! (The jewelry felt excessive for the event in question, but it didn’t take away from the fact that she did look nice.)

Vidya Balan Wears A Gaurang Sari To Receive Her Honorary Doctorate From Rai University-1

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan Wears A Gaurang Sari To Receive Her Honorary Doctorate From Rai University-2

Vidya Balan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. STUNNING! She looks lovely and the saree is too beautiful. Can u please ID it? I can tell she loves Rekha. Utterly gorgeous. So lovely!!

  2. The sari/blouse are gorgeous and I want to love this, but I can’t. The jewellery is far to heavy-handed (I’m talking to you, necklace), and a sleek bun or something would have made everything look less voluminous.

  3. Such a lovely face. Such a beautiful saree. But that jewelry and the unkempt hair is just a tad too much.

    Also, is her hand-crook getting higher each day? It used to be around her waist, now it’s just under her bust; soon its going to be at her shoulder.

  4. I know alot of people loving this look… But somehow I just dont see the person in here… The heavy weight silk, the shine of the saree, long hand sleeves, the dark eyebrows eyes, bindi, big hair, lots and lots of heavy gold …where is the human being in all this?
    Am I the only one who thinks this way?

    • I agree with you. Nothing is working for me here. She should take a cue from Huma or even Sophie Choudhary in terms of dressing for that size. Please, do not jump on me for mentioning size; I mean that in a healthy, respectful way – I admire those ladies for not bungling down to “body trends”. Vidya has got a great smile and good presence about her, and her choice will only elevate it :)

      • yes yes yes….

        i have a similar body type like Vidya/Huma (on a good day) and I really look forward to what they are wearing so that I can emulate them

        Vidya…plz dress younger…you are not in your 40’s-50’s. These are the best years of your life (I just entered my 30’s too) and we need more amazing actresses like you around. I am tired of supporting you while all men call you ‘aunty’ etc….

  5. Its a beautiful spree and it should looks great. But why am I not liking this look on her
    1) That hair! the hair color is not something i can warm up to and its very voluminous.
    2) The bindi – technically i love big bindis, but here its clashing with other elements
    3) The jewelry – remove them ASAP!

    Remove that chain, tie the hair or braid it and this might have worked. Am only feeling an ‘Amman’ effect.

  6. Because hair dye was the only thing missing for the aunty look and now that’s ticked off too. To compare this unkempt look as Tambrahm look would be blasphemy and an insult to the beautiful well dressed maamis.


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