In Swati Vijaivargie

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Vidya helped unveil a book recently where she was seen in a Swati Vijaivargie sari featuring a contrasting red blouse. Hair in a braid, she finished out her look with smoky eyes and a glossy lip.

I may not be a fan of the loafer pumps but she looked good and the credit for it goes to the change in makeup.

What did you think of the look?


Vidya Balan at a Book Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Such a ‘chaudhrain’ pose in the third picture. lol. It seems so refreshing in the era of artificial poise and elegance.

    She looks great here :)

  2. Ok so finally this is fantastic. She gets it right from head to toe- yes even the footwear suits her. Dainty strappy sandals look silly on our strapping – mashallah – Vidya.

  3. Oh my god, the shoes! With that saree! Only possible explanation is shes got a pain in the leg or foot, but even then a plain pair of flat, dainty thong chappels or jootis would have been better than this. A shame as she actually looks nice, the saree and makeup are looking good.

  4. I think she looks beautiful. Yes, she could have changed up the shoes and the make up could have been better, but otherwise she looks good. I love it that she did something different with her hair. And she looks so much better with a contemporary saree with a modern print. Kanjeevarams are not the only sarees out there. Now, if only she would experiment with her blouse styles.

  5. Looks like she is just loafing around! :) On a serious note, love the sari, the makeup and the hair – shoes not so much! Seem like an afterthought.

  6. credit goes to the makeup? We must be looking at different photos. All I see is ashy makeup. I do love the saree. It is not heavy and she carries it quite well.

  7. Many want to be or are expected to be fair skinned. Plus, I don’t think there is a good cosmetic line for Indian skin tones. Hence, the “I just dunked my face in a bucket of ash” look.

    • Hahahaha. The obsession to look “fair” is beyond ridiculous. Not maybe exact match but there are many cosmetic lines which is closer to Indian skin. Many buy foundation which is probably 2-3 times lighter than what their actual skin tone is. But then some people are excused even if their faces are dunked in bucket of ash or flour in HHC.

    • That is part of her body posture.

      Let us stick to criticizing clothes and not the way people walk and talk? Criticism of the ‘arm crook’ is in the same league as comments on someone’s command over English/ crooked teeth/ terrible skin/ and other sundry parts of personality.


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