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Vidya helped unveil a book in Mumbai on Tuesday wearing a hand-painted silk Picchika sari with an Amrapali bracelet and a Jaipur Watch Company watch.

In theory, I should love this look instantly, especially given the pearl element and the sari itself. But, the blouse with its sheen, is keeping me on the fence.

Vidya Balan at The Wrong Turn Book Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Her blouse is bit deep/tight at bust which kinda is spilling the bosom out…n the resulted drape is well…weird I guess..The sari n her face does look lovely though…why doesn’t wear normal blouse like anyone else..hmmn

  2. More than the blouse sheen, I dislike the fit. It’s looking so tight at the bust as if it’s pushing everything up and the hooks are ready to pop. Wish she would opt for a simple cap/short sleeved blouse for a change. Lovely saree though!

  3. She seems like she doesn’t care and sticks to her own style. Good for her! And she doesn’t look unkempt . She looks like a normal human being . I may not like her style or her hideous necklaces but I like the fact that she’s not a fashion victim and refuses to change her style. Go vidya!

  4. The blouse is way too tight and distracting. Also, the hair looks all over the place. Not a great look for Vidya. She was doing so well (mostly) for Kahani 2 promotions – I wish she continues in that vein!

  5. Lovely saree. Blouse is way too tight and I’m feeling uncomfortable looking at her. I can see this saree paired with a half sleeve blouse looking very summery


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