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Wearing a burgundy Manika Sureka suit, Vidya attended promotions of Kahaani 2 in Hyderabad. Something felt off about this look at first glance and I blame the earrings as well as the eye-makeup. As much as I love the earrings, this suit needed smaller earrings and she needed some eye-liner here as well.

What say you?


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  1. I humbly disagree…she looks incredibly beautiful with a glowy sans make up look, looking her best ever in a long time.
    The earrings are just the right length and make her neck look longer. I wouldnt change a thing. Just perfection personified :)!

  2. Except for the eyes looking tired…she looks great here I think. Lovely colour. She has done her hair differently which is suiting her. Earrings are fine.

  3. needed small earrings, eye liner required”…now seriously…. you are taking yourself excessively serious …what next.. she should have used body mist and face dusting powder and a little soap and water.. sheesh…outrageous.
    She looks good as is without the grooming tips.

  4. The fit of the dress is slightly loose but I guess that is the fall she was going for! The colour is rich & luscious. I guess, she tried to balance out the look with dewy & no makeup look while keeping the jewellery heavy. Hairstyle looks nice too. The only thing I would probably change are the shoes. Would have changed it to something ‘silver-y’ keeping in tune with the colour of the earrings!

  5. Stop nitpicking please. If we left it you, everyone will look exactly the same all the time – same size of earrings, same amount of eye makeup. She is just lovely sans the liner!

  6. I think all she needed was a bindi. With the neckline of the top being bare, the longer earrings are not a bad choice. She looks so pretty nevertheless !

  7. Am always uncomfortable with the criticism that Vidya receives, because I don’t think she deserves nitpicking because she is literally not trying to be a fashionista and just is someone who doesn’t experiment and just stays true to who she is. I don’t think she is trying to make a statement or impress on the basis of her fashion, only through her work. Like Mark Zuckerberg wearing the same gray T shirt every day – he is making a statement that he is not concerned about fashion and has bigger things to worry about like his work. In a sense, I feel the same is true with Vidya, she is a serious actor and what she wears is just a distant secondary thing to her.


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