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Vidya was seen in brown saris back to back at Begum Jaan promotional events on Saturday, first in an Eka linen one and then in a Anavila. What made both looks stand out here were the Inaayat nose-pins that she pulled off effortlessly.

She looked pretty in both looks.

Her Eka sari was paired with Mine of Design jewellery and the Anavila one with Amrapali.

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  1. I always thought she had a gorgeous face with such striking features. I love the silver jewelry but with the hair on the right, it’s a little much. The left look is awesome.

  2. Who is Avani and if she does find Vidya badly dressed at all times, you cannot blame her.
    Doesn’t she have a right to express her opinion? Needlessly caustic or persistent belittler none of you need to judge her.
    On this website we all are judging celebrity looks, she has as much right to speak as you do. And i find this quite stupid that instead of judging the celebrity’s dress sense we are commenting on a lay commentator. Avani (whoever you are), you have no reason to feel threatened.. Good or bad please keep expressing your opinion, afterall none of our opinions matters in the bigger scheme of things.

      • HAHA. @Gauri: let me just say there’s a dignity in judging too. In response to your comment; yes, EVERYONE has the right to speak. Only, if you have the right to an opinion, I have the right to express my dissatisfaction with either what you say or how you say it. Simple. There’s an art to expressing an opinion. Slander/needless aggression is not it.

        • Rish; I totally agree with you. I’ve noticed Avani’s comments several times and they are bordering on the vitriolic. Such is the vehemence of her words. One can judge a celebrity’s clothes without being nasty. And that is the purpose of a fashion blog I would assume.


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