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At the Chopra-Jones reception, Vidya was photographed in a lehenga by Debyani. Wearing her hair down, she rounded out the look with gold jewelry. Personally, the lehenga was a bit too busy for me. But that said, Vidya did wear it well; the couple looked nice.

Vidya Balan At Chopra-Jonas Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. With her body type she should stay away from voluminous lehengas that make her look more stunted than she is. the one who usually favours sarees for almost all occasions, its a wonder why she would not wear a beautiful weave for the weddings and go for a ghastly lehenga instead.

    • Personally, I think she looks great. I was in the hate-her-style camp too, but I realize she is not stick thin and that is her only drawback (in the world of Bollywood glamour). I am not either and don’t have the height of the model crowd – DP, Sonam and the like. They are literally like mannequins in shop displays making every piece of clothing look good. If I wore a lehenga, I’d look like her..maybe even more heavy.
      Does that mean I cannot wear anything except saris? Not true. While this lehenga skirt might not be very pretty, the blouse and dupatta are decent, exactly how normal ppl wear them. Its great she is breaking out of the sari routine and wearing what she likes…it is a good lesson in body image formation and expectations. Also shows how model-esqe the rest of bollywood really is!

      • I totally agree with you. I too am plus sized woman and I wear western and Indian clothes. The trick is to choose the right fit and cut. Vidya Balan looks fantastic in a differently designed blouse. She looks very comfortable and beautiful. Also, the choice of the right jewelry adds to her looks as against the HANS like necklaces that all other celebrities wear. As for the design of the lehenga is concerned, honestly I am yet to see one done tastefully; everything is over the top and ugly. Compared to others, this is actually better and does not require me to wear sunglasses.


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