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At a recent screening, Vidya was photographed keeping it simple in blue and white. Wavy hair and nude heels completed the look. Like her easy summer style while at the movies?

Vidya Balan At ‘Fimistaan’ Screening

Vidya Balan At Filmistaan Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Only she (& her stylist) can find such dowdy clothes which never suits her and fugly shoes. She should get an award for owning the most ugliest collection of shoes.

    • I think she looks very breezy and casual and lovely. something that an eye used to over-processed looks cannot take to. its like trying to appreciate a fresh salad after two years of only mcdonalds/chipotle/crazypizza.

      adara, honey, sometimes i read your comments and feel like you need a hug.

      • Finally someone with my sentiments, Lolita you’re bang on, on that! But her naysayers always have something to crib about. And yes Adara does need a hug, desperately.

      • +100 There’s a big difference between being critical and being abusive ! A private screening is just like any of us going for a movie at the multiplex, wherein one would like to dress breezy and comfortable. No one would want to wear at Roberto Cavalli dress for such an occasion. Fashion is not just what you wear on the ramp, for commoners like me it’s about what you wear on a daily basis! I think she looks lovely and comfortable here!

      • Nah, this is in itself has been a stale salad being served for the past 6-7 years with various designer ingredients added. Nonetheless the taste is BAD. LOL! From what I noticed I have never seen any other celeb wear fugly shoes like all the time casual or otherwise. Thanks but no thanks on the hug. :)

    • That’s a little harsh… those are simple wedges or platforms in a unassuming nude. Surely there are worse shoes in the world? Her look is simple and summery…

    • Goodness Adara, she looks adorable. Rein in the nasties would ya? And no, you don’t get to pass on our group hug. Consider it therapy long overdue :D

  2. I would have loved it if the kurtha was a normal straight cut with slits on sides type instead of this a line, uneven length type. The colours are pleasant.


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