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Before picking up her Padma Shri, Vidya visited Melbourne to promote the upcoming Indian Film Festival of Melbourne and sported several saris.

For the press meet event, it was a Debashri Samanta printed sari, one that she wore with Amrapali earrings. The surprise element of this look was the puffed hairdo which was quite interesting and one that am still figuring out if I like or not.

The next day for a dinner event, she changed it up wearing a vibrant orange Gaurang lehenga and Jaipur Gems jewellery. Day three saw her in a floral Shruti Sancheti sari, one that I particularly wasn’t a fan of.

During her stay, she was also part of a photoshoot wearing a dress by Akira Isogawa and a specially woven fabric created by Susan Dimasi that was draped as a sari.

Of all the looks that she sported, which one was your favorite?


Vidya Balan in Debashree Samanta at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Press Meet


Vidya Balan in Gaurang at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Press Meet


Vidya Balan in Shruti Sancheti (left and center) and Susan Dimasi (right) at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Press Meet


In Susan Dimasi (left) and Akira Isogawa (right)
at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Photoshoot

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. Wow she looks like nice in most of these. When has this ever happened? Whoever dressed her here stays. For Vidya-who has set the bar low for herself with some of her past choices-this is a win.

  2. I think she looks best in the Gaurang, with the Isogawa a close second. I’m glad we get to see some leg in the Isogawa, would have been nice to see a waist too – i.e.; lose the jacket if that’s what it is! Don’t quite like any of the saris, but the Susan Dimasi is especially horrible, although Vidya looks very pretty neck-up in that pic with the flowy hair. I know the Sancheti is lacy-retro, but it ages Vidya – very grandmotherly. The puffed hair-style is not working on her (not that it works on anyone). Also why does she always wear the chunky platforms? Those look especially nasty with saris and remind me of a pretty Bengali teacher at school – she would wear these gorgeous cotton saris and then pair every sari with thick, black, chunky, platform shoes. Totally sucked the life out of the sari.

    • I actually thought the Susan Dimasi one looked the best on her. I love the print and the fabric and Vidya looks quite effortlessly chic while walking down that flight of stairs. I might not agree with the pair of shoes she chose for that outfit, but her face and that fabric takes all attention away from them.

      And that “puffed hair-style”? I thought she pulled that one off very well, too. Looks super neat and poised, and it was balanced out with a more lighthearted, fun print on the saree. Jeez, don’t people always criticize her for being “boring” because she doesn’t change it up? And here, she’s making an effort to do that and people are still critical.

      • I agree withSitya. I love the retro vibe of her hairdo. I love her in susan dimasi.
        My least favorite is Shruti sancheti sari, Vidya looks like she instantly gained 50 pounds in that. Don’t care for the dress either, it highlights her calves in not a good way.

  3. Love the look in the Debashree sari! Very nice! What a massive improvement!

    The Shruti Sanchesti look however was a disaster! Bad is an understatement!

  4. I like her in all the looks except Shruti Sancheti and Akiro Isogawa. These are the only two looks which didn’t flatter her in the best way.

  5. She looks great in the updo, i thought! Very smart and professional for a press meet. My favourite of all the looks.
    The Gaurang outfit and hair looks really costume-y, like she’s walked off the Umrao jaan set.
    That Shruti Sancheti saree is pretty bad too. So dated, what with that Hakoba blouse and lace trim, and awful hair, not to mention she looks like Kajol’s mother Tanuja in it.
    The dress would have looked great, minus the kimono jacket over it.

  6. I think she looks clean and neat in the first pic with the puff and she looks slimmer in the Orange Gaurang Lehenga with the V neck…The rest is quite bad.. White floral saree makes her look bigger!

  7. I always wish Vidya wore a bindi to go with those sarees, the pic #3 in Debasree Samantha is crying out for a bindi on her forehead to complete the look

  8. Ooooh just loved the puff hairstyle on her. I think it looks neat and very sophisticated on her. Plus the Susan Dimasi is to die for….
    But please burn those shoes.

  9. How good doe she look in the Debashree Samanta ( I’m a big fan of this designer)! I’m resisting liking the poufy hair, but to be fair it is elongating her face and giving it much needed length. Its the one look she isn’t looking frumpy in, as she is normally wont to do. Cool and elegant. As for the rest- Shruti Sancheti puts her in her comfortable, happily frumpy mode. She actually manages to look young ( meaning close to her own age) in the Gaurang, though I hate these maxi/anarkali/ housecoat look that women who think they don’t have a ‘good body’ cover themselves in. The other two looks are ..meh.

  10. Vidya is STUNNING especially in the first look. The hair is everything. The last one just prooves that she needs better western inspired gear. The only good part in that one are the Kimono-like coat &the shoes.

  11. Cream orange and grey sareenis my favorite – don’t like the poofed hair one bit, though I still think pull back hair is the right hairdo for this look.
    Gaurang look – familiar but pretty.
    Really like the black and white saree look on her and I agree that those chunky heels all the time are sooo not working/ passe.
    Shruti sancheti saree look was just bad :(

  12. 1. Like Susan look – Makes her look young, the hair style suits her.
    2. Shruti – Ages her, doesn’t suit her
    3. Debashree – Hairstyle isn’t suiting her, saree is nice.
    4. Akiro dress- Not for her bodytype, makes her look heavy

  13. Wow, you guys couldn’t pay her one teeny tiny compliment on any look ? If it was Sonam or Miss Natasha, I am sure you guys wouldn’t need to ‘figure out’ if you like the look or not :)
    Minor issues aside, she looks glowing and fab in all the looks. Kudos to her for changing it up !

  14. In that Shruti Sancheti, she has taken the aunty look to another level. Ha! She looks better in the Susan Dimasi that is if we discount the fugly shoes.

  15. Akiro Isogawa-the whole thing….

    Shruti Sancheti-The blouse and so many things went wrong here,she looks old

    Debashree Samanta-Didnt like the saree and her hair do

    The other two looks were far better,where we have seen her before in similar styling( Gaurang )

    In Susan she looks young and pretty…

  16. I have said mean things about her in the past, but that was just tough love! How good does she look in the first picture and in the Dimasi. So it is proof, as many of us always said, its not her weight but her hair and make up that is failing her. The Dimasi esp, has her in simple straightened hair and looks so elegant! The first look is funky -cool in a sari! Awesome!!!


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