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Let’s start with all things good shall we… props to Vidya for mixing her saris up… we’ve seen her do tussars, raw silk, cotton, kanjivarams and now, a chanderi. And even though the blouses stay the same and she mostly favors plain saris with borders, she at least attempts the sari in all (or some depending on who you talking to) of it’s glory. And she also gets props for taking a break from the sari to don a churidaar recently.


And there’s a but…! Something about the look in the sari is off. I loved the Sabyasachi chanderi sari but the gold blouse just doesn’t work with the sari. As for the churidaar, why that shade of yellow? She seems so washed out. The suit itself is nothing to write home about (the pink and yellow is cringe-worthy, as are the sandals) but guess she at least changed it up a bit.

More pics inside.


Left: At Airtel Mirchi Music Awards
Right: At Sanjay Dutt’s Wedding Anniversary Party


Vidya Balan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The sari is too Christmassy. However I would take that any day over that dreadful yellow and pink creation that makes the wearer look like a giant marshmallow.

  2. I love this website…BUT you go way overboard with your comments and insults as do the people who visit your site. I think at times y oucan be too cruel and this is one of them. why not celebrate someone for the individuality for once.

    • You’re entitled to your opinion and I respect that, but I disagree here. Have you noticed that people like Vidya Balan draw more flak than other ‘celeb’ types dressed worse than her? I think this is only because she is such an amazing actress – extremely talented, articulate, intelligent and sensible – that we tend to be disappointed when she neglects her public appearances/dresses shabbily. It is only because if only she went the extra mile (and is cured of what I suspect is a case of listening to some stupid advice on ‘fashion’ and not trusting herself) and dressed to reflect her polished personality, she would easily give other B’wood folks a run for their money. After all, PR does count (unfortunate as it may be). She is lovable, and we want to see her be the very best that she can be.

      • Disclaimer: I made the above statement fully aware that clothes are only that – clothes. Nothing more, nothing less. And sorry for the rant.

  3. I think she looks great. Honestly you guys…this is VIDYA BALAN. Are you going to complain about shades of yellow and an undetermined “something off” with the woman who used to make us look at her in orange and silver confections which looked like there was some camel somewhere in a circus missing its saddle skirt?

  4. girls, have you seen the back of the blouses she wears. some of them are gorgeous. I think it is only fair to have pictures of her turned around, so we get a better idea of the outfit as a whole.

  5. what a difference length makes, although the yellow churidar is off, the fact that the length is not to her ankle makes her look taller. I like her in the sari and do not mind the yellow churidar, love the long hair.

  6. My thoughts:
    1) Vidya in a saree: Ok, boring, next please.
    2) Vidya in something but a saree: Sounds interesting. But wait…It is a dirty yellow, ill fitting anarkaliesque outfit with ill fitting sleeves and satin churidars…a lot of these words should not be used in the same sentence! And what’s with the fugly chappals?

    • I’ve seen her wear ONLY fugly chappals/sandals. All the earlier appearances were in Sari saving us from witnessing her horrendous choice of footwear.:D

  7. I wouldn’t mind owning that saree! Gorgeous combination. The churidaar outfits nothing special – and why should she be wearing dresses? Whats wrong with the occasional bollywood actress actually choosing to wear indian clothes, its refreshing – goodness knows we’ve got our fill of them on here trying to look good in a dress.

  8. For the saree the underskirt is shorter than it should be and the pleats should fall a bit better. Dont you think the blouse should not have opening in the front if its such a see-through one!
    As for the salwar.. did Manyata make her wear one of her designs ;)

  9. One would have to say (holding the several posts of her showcasing a rather questionable fashion-sense as an indication), that Vidya Balan checks out this site every once in awhile (the commentary esp) and takes great pleasure (however befuddling that may be) at the noise she is creating. Any publicity is good publicity, some say.

    P.S. Not that she needs it of course :-)

  10. three words… boring.. boring…boring..
    looks like some saadhu has told her that she will be successful only if she sticks to her sarees and anarkalis..

  11. Boring, unimaginative and completely dowdy. Vidya would do us all a favour by sticking to saris no matter how bad they might be. That sure, saves us the horror of the shoes she chooses to wear. Vidya and Juhi Chawla have the most horrendous collection of shoes EVER!

  12. despite that fact that she’s in a saree… yet again… i love the saree. my only gripe – its not worn well…she looks great with simple hair & make up.
    as for the yellow anarkali… i like that as well :) nice traditional outfit. if the churidaar ws well fit the outfit wud look great.
    she actually looks like someone her age :)
    anyway… she’s scored some major brownie points with her mag cover few days ago :) so you go girl… vidya … u ROCK!

  13. I love that she wears indian clothes still ! come one guys, we dont want to be a country of just jeans and t shirts. These clothes should still be part of our daily life.


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