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Vaani was one of the few not to opt for a gown at the Filmfare Red carpet instead wearing shimmery metallic separates by Nikhil Thampi.

Despite my concerns about the draped top, I have to admit, she looked good!

Here is another pic of her.

Vaani Kapoor

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  1. Hey PnP, has your definition of “looks good” changed over the years? That is one horrible outfit and so out of place for an awards show.

  2. This is quite a joke. She doesn’t have the je na sais quoi to pull off something like this at a major award ceremony. This is quite a baffling choice of outfit.

  3. She looks good in the photo taken by her people. Whereas when I first saw the event pics, I was confused and thought ‘Huh! Is that a tote on her chest?! And her boobs are about of fall out of her handbag..!’

  4. There was a time when Vaani and Nikhil Thampi were an excellent combination. Vaani was one of the few who could do justice to his creations. With that as a standard, it’s impossible to understand or like this outing.

  5. This for me is borderline WTHeyy. It’s a pajama with a robe and a shimmery one at that. Even on paper this sounds like a bad idea! The make up looks off too. She tries to look cool and different but most times she comes off as comical!

  6. Sheesh! “shimmery metallic separates” apart, those tacky brass rings on the top and the stark bra-like black straps have no place being at an awards show.


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