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Wearing a Falguni and Shane Peacock crop top and Diesel skirt (and stole), Sonam covers Grazia’s latest. A fitting cover for an anniversary ‘crazy, sexy, cool’ special? Tell us!

Look inside for images from the shoot.

Sonam Kapoor On Grazia's April Issue

Sonam Kapoor For Grazia, April 2014

Sonam Kapoor On Grazia's April Issue-1

Sonam Kapoor On Grazia's April Issue-2

Sonam Kapoor On Grazia's April Issue-3

Sonam Kapoor On Grazia's April Issue-4

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  1. I feel like the cover photo is the least impressive of all the others and her outfit looks a bit cheap and confusing. I’d have much preferred one of the other pics for the cover. Also was she actually on location or just in front of a blue screen? because the background looks photoshopped.

  2. This is one hideous shoot. The clothes are tacky and Sonam is far too bright as opposed to the muted backgrounds. Like a Photoshop assignment gone very, very wrong.

  3. Other than Wintour putting KimYe on the cover of Vogue. This is the worst cover and shoot I’ve seen in all of 2014. Its disoriented. Even when one tries to be edgy there are concepts that tie everything together. This is
    trying too hard and ended up being chaotic and unappealing.

  4. Bad Bad outfit….Its more like 2nd hand stuff sewn in to make an outfit…and the hair aint helping the look 1 bit….u know what i mean :P

  5. I’m studying magazine journalism and I cannot believe that the art designers of a global brand are creating such amateur looking covers and spreads. They need to learn something from the international versions of Grazia!

  6. I am trying really hard to find at least one thing to say about these pictures – but can’t.
    Oh wait, i found one, if it is not photoshopped, i do like the backdrop :) BUT just wish it wasn’t repeated in every pic…….

  7. I’ll never look at her the same way again after I heard her describing herself as a ‘fashion icon’. Style is not just about outfits ripped from Vogue. There are many elements to it, self awareness being one of them. Sonam gives off the vibe of a little girl playing dress up and admiring herself in the mirror. She needs life to happen to her.

  8. Horribly and rather randomly styled. There’s no cohesion in any of the looks. Having said that, after the KWK episode of Sonam, I find her extremely disagreeable. So, she can be dressed her best but my impression of her is warped forever.

  9. I think that’s istanbul in the background…So pretty…my next vacation destination…Talking of Sonam, if I am looking at the background, you probably know what I mean :). Just in case you don’t, all the pics are boring except the second one. In the first pic, the bottom of her skirt looks like they ran out of cloth and hence took a part of the american flag and reversed the color.

  10. Omg ….check out her hands ( the way she is holding her skirt) in the cover pic…….hilarious…..like a little showing off her new frock…..can’t stop laughing

  11. God this cover is an eye sore if there ever was one. Mismatch gone severely wrong! And the photos just seem like the photographer got bored and gave up. Frankly, I hardly blame him.


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