Gowning Glory

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Anusha wasn’t the only one having her Hollywood moment this week, Udita was too.

Of the two, am going to go with the cut-out, black gown. Yes, the gown is rather obvious, but she does wear it rather well! Of the other appearance, the hair was the only thing that worked for me; not a fan of the floral gown at all.

Payal on the other hand preferred the other appearance. She found Udita’s look in the yellow number really cheery. Someone has Spring on her mind! :)

Well that’s us, split in the middle over this one! Tell us, which appearance of Udita’s was your favorite?

P.S. Udita is in Kevan Hall.

Udita Goswami At Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood Events
Left: At Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas & The Art Of Elysium “Pieces Of Heaven Art Auction”
Right: At Chrysler Celebrates “The Fighter” Benefiting Communities In Schools Event

Photo Credit: Daylife

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  1. i like both of them…i have never seen her look so good.

    the black number is something ms. Julie would wear….dangerously sexy.
    nd payal is right yellow is springy nd cheerful but with a hair stye it brings some elegance. love it.

  2. She looks good in both. Black dress – makeup looks a little vampish. Would have preferred something more subtly sexy with less dramatic hair and jewellery. I prefer the yellow one – bright and cheery and the hairstyle brings in some sofistication.

  3. That yellow gown is magnificent! WANT! Do you ladies by any chance know the designer?

    On Udita, I prefer the ladylike yellow to the obvious ‘vamp-y-ness’ of the black. I like how she kept it simple and stunning. The black is so uninspired. That dress with that makeup, we’ve all seen a hundred times. And to be honest, the cut of black dress makes it look like a plunge bra with a skirt stitched onto the band.

  4. The yellow is very nice and cheery but somehow makes her look dumpy. Maybe pulled back hair would have helped.

    Can’t believe I am saying this but the black cutout gown actually looks good on her!!

    Looks like someone found herself a Hollywood stylist


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