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It was a mix-and-match for Twinkle at Prithvi Soni’s exhibition event where she paired her Dolce & Gabbana animal print shirt with a black dress and her Hermès Jige clutch. Having seen the dress paired with the crisp full-sleeve white shirt, you can’t blame me for not liking this new look with the animal-print shirt. For me, it doesn’t quite work. But, I love that she mixes and matches unlike some who we see wear an outfit again and again, the exact same way.


Twinkle Khanna at Prithvi Soni Exhibition


Left: At HDIL Indian Oaks Race, Jan 2008
Right: At Sahachari Foundation, Sep 2009

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Filmicafe

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    • No… because she probably walks from a/c house to a/c car into a/c office or store and then on to a/c party ;)
      a/c: air conditioned

  1. She’s really smart in recycling her clothes and that makes me like her even more. Heck, I don’t even like animal print and I still think the D&G blouse with the dress looks great on her.

  2. i love animal print so ireally like this look. but why does she always wear green earrings? they are pretty but why does she wear them so often?

  3. Honestly,I would prefer repeating the things the exact way if its good rather than mixing and come up something as funny as this..

  4. She could almost pass for Suzanne Khan’s twin in these pictures and that most certainly is not a compliment for the most stylish person on HHC. Where do I even begin? the atrocious hair colour or the bad makeup and wasted look. This surely constitutes a WTHeyyy….


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