Seeing Red!

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If Ms. Krishnan was trying to distract us from her dress by carrying the Vuitton tote, it didn’t quite work. Instead, the flashy red (with the flashy material of the dress) made the look worse. Much worse.


Trisha Krishnan at Khatta Meetha Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. oh oh.. heard trisha wont be attendin the screenin, coz she was busy shootin her next movie with kamal hassan , but poor girl,, maybe she was too busy, she didnt get time to dress up..
    the dress looks soo cheap, so does the bag:(

  2. Is this the same Trisha who is on the cover of “South Scope”? Amazing photo shop. I guess the Trisha at the KM screening in the real Trisha. Have never liked any LV bag, their brown signature style is tolerable, but in red is plain tacky.

  3. In my opinion ,its not that ‘worse worse’ state.Its still okay looking ,may be a smaller handbag/clutch would have worked better.
    This is too big for her dress and body structure.
    Twinkle below in worse than this poor girl.

  4. that bag would looked good if she was wearin jeans and a top.. btw the dress is so disgusting…
    P.S. wt kind of smile is that.. she looks very uncomfortable there. im not bashing her, she is one of my fav actress in the south ..

  5. P&P, request u to post trisha s pic frm maxim cover, she looks soo hot in tht cover, and not much potoshopped too.. u can post better pics of her, avoidin the above ones:)

  6. its such a great bag. I have one in a dark shade but the B town ladies somehow manage to make tem look so ugly. Remember Aishwarya’s golden?


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