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The ladies both picked tees and scarves to pair with their denims while traveling. Did one stand out more over the other, tell us!

Kareena Kapoor (Left) And Sussanne Khan Roshan Photographed At The Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Why is sussane acting like a teenage rockstar.
    P& need better pictures enough with the kareena at the airport..kareena doing groceries type pictures.

  2. Kareena has pretty much got a dress code for her travels. It is always a nude colored T shirt, leggings/straight fit jeans and greyish tone scarves…

  3. They all had to dress somberly and plainly at this point as mr. chopra’s death had just been announced and sussane and hrithik had flown in especially for the funeral.

  4. Kareena looks effortless and natural and Sussane looks like she always does: trying way too hard to appear effortless. She ends up looking very busy! Way too much going on. Headphones and jacket and scarf and boots and white jeans and…phew.

  5. Firstly, i dont think you need to be 14 to dress up like that. I think sussanne definitely looked good. As for kareena, loved her look as well, just a minor gripe with the sandals. i think sandals like tht are suitable for skinnies. wished she’d worn converse or some sort of sneakers to go with tht jeans. or even ballet flats. Otherwise, she looks very relaxed and comfortable which is always my pick when travelling!

  6. Props to Kareena for keeping it simple and real. I love that she doesn’t feel the need to slap on layers of facial goop while in transit.


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