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Teaming her Dolce and Gabbana shirt and jacket with Stella McCartney pants, Kangana made her way out of the local airport. Among her accessories of choice- a taupe Hermes ‘Kelly’ and pair of Burberry pumps. She looked sharp! (Our feelings about the Italian designer duo haven’t changed though!)

Kangana Ranaut

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. If I could make an exception for the much derided airport looks, it would be for Kangana. Most of her airport looks are replicable and at the same time easy on your pockets. This look is one such instance.

    • Easy on your pocket? I don’t think this look is easy on the pocket. D and G, Hermes, Stella McCartney, Burberry etc. Also, she has a village of people dedicated to make her look the way she looks, that definitely isn’t easy on the pocket. #MereMortals

      • Does not take a village to replicate this, speaking from experience as I wear similar outfits to work and for work related travel. Replicability does not mean you have to purchase those specific labels, duh. Start with a well fitting pair of pants and blazer. Now play with color palettes, textures, tops, accessories. But how many get it right? Few. Which is why Kangana Ranaut stands out and no stylist was involved here anyway.

        Coming to her look, she is looking fabulous and glamorous! <3

        • I didn’t know she is her own make up artist. And her own hair stylist. And I didn’t know that there is no stylist involved. And I didn’t know she carried her own luggage as well. She looks fabulous, no doubt. But the replication of this look is hard with the make up and hair do and shades. Maybe I can get a copy of all the pieces of another brand, but I bet I can’t look like this. And if I do manage to look half as good as her in the not-so-famous brands, I hope I make it to these pages. My point is, don’t blindly believe what you see on these pages. How can you be so celebrity smitten and be oblivious to certain raw facts? She has someone to open the door for her. Just getting an exact copy of her clothes doesnt make it replicable. If this is all about replicating, that you can ask your darzi to stitch every piece of cloth you see on these pages. There are many people involved in making Ms. Ranaut the way she looks. Give people the credit where it’s due. They deserve it. Some great names who make celebrities look the way they are never given credit. Example: MUA, hair stylists, Gym trainers. It’s not just Kangna that is see in her pictures, but the efforts of a lot of people.

  2. She looks amazing. This is my go to look for important meetings, minus the Kelly of course :) hopefully one day!

    And can someone start identifying sunglasses please? Miss these blogs in India, she always wears amazing sunglasses, these look like Dior but am not sure


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