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Teaming a slouchy/relaxed pinstriped suit from Mango with a graphic tee, Anushka clocked a few frequent flyer miles recently. A Chanel tote and pair of Dior sneakers rounded out the actor’s off-duty look. Nothing to fault here, she wore the separates well.

Anushka Sharma Photographed At The Airport

Anushka Sharma Photographed At The Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Standard P&P comments

    1. Nothing to fault
    2. She wore the separates well
    3. Kept it simple
    4. Made the off-duty look work
    And ofcourse…

    5. what do you think?

    • I have had this issue since the beginning too…there is more to it than these comments and there is no need to summarize/conclude an post…e.g. you state the designers said she looks amazing or commented on the color or event appropriateness etc…why then the need to summarize it and that too with these 4-5 cliche lines…do it when you really need to or you have something new to say and not just to finish a post..
      Also the “what do you think” have increased a lot…the not commenting (and I’m not talking about the wedding related ocassions)

      Do love youl and your personal tastes and this blog

  2. I love Anushka’s style – very individual and effortless. I can actually imagine myself in most outfits she wears, and that’s huge credit to her – making fashion seem accessible and relatable. I always feel she is underrated.

    • Agree. She is underrated in the fashion scene but I think that’s a good thing. The fashionista tag can put too much pressure and they start getting all gimmicky.

      • You have a point. She definitely is a fashionista, but in a very understated way. Her sensibilities are not over-the-top. Maybe she would stick to it, is given the tag, who knows??!! It’ll be interesting to watch, but at the same time, like you, I fear ?


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