Sari Style- Part Deux

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Tisca gave us two stellar appearances wearing saris. And while we think she looked great in both, we are absolutely smitten by that pink and beige sari. We like.

Tisca Chopra
Left: At Aamir Khan Productions 10 Year Anniversary Do
Right: At Love Breakups Zindagi First Look Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks great. THIS is how a saree should be worn, pay heed one-boob-showing afficiniados. Love her hair in the first picture and LOVE the blouse and saree in the second one.

  2. LOVE both looks and love that she had her hair pulled back in both. She wears the saree so gracefully. Wish to see her more in such appearances ! Gorgeous female !

  3. Beautiful !!!!! what a pretty face she has!!!!
    Also shows how graceful and charming one can look with a simple saree draped the old-fasioned way (read both boobs covered).

    PnP, can u please make these 2 pics the header for your blog ?
    for atleast a week? Do it as a social service. Let’s put an end
    to one boob draping.

    • Oky, saw Anushka & Amala’s pics after submitting my previous comment on this post. Include their pics too for the header.

  4. i’m sorry but how is this stellar? are you calling it stellar just because both boobs are covered?? the printed sari is so meh. the anchal on the pink one is way too long.

    • it is stellar for the celebrity standards we see on this blog..
      celebrities, young and old, seem to wrongly think its fashionable to expose their boobs.

  5. For me the pink and beige washed her out.. I liked the first pic better… saree a lot meer cheerful and the hair quite lovely…

  6. Such a pretty girl, love the sari and the way it’s draped appropriately.

    I think she looks like Sharmila Tagore in pics 2 and 4 and I love ST!!

  7. Totally love both sarees and the way they’re draped – simple, effortless, and beautiful. So many times better than the blingy gauzy MM sarees, the done-to-death formulaic Sabyasachi sarees and the DUI ( designed under influence) Masaba sarees!

  8. Tisca, Tisca, Tisca…youput all Madhuris, Sridevis, Karishmas to shame…Your beauty is staggering…And you choice of saris near perfect..


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