Feeling Floral

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Tina Ambani, also, was spotted wearing a less overwhelming (compared to Mini) floral sari at the Harmony art show, which makes us wonder, is this the beginning of a new trend?

Would you wear it? The floral sari, that is.


Left: Mini Mathur at FICCI Frames Event
Right: Tina Ambani at Harmony Show

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  1. Payal ,
    :-)I remember vimal the tune too ,
    sure does bring back memories , best of all Persis Khambatta in the garden vareli ad , pity she died young

  2. Tina is looking ok… except for the one boob showing style… if only she wore the “pallu” properly…. or maybe it just slipped but stll it looks bad…

  3. Depends on what type of floral- I have a couple of French chiffon sarees of Mum’s from the 70’s that I’m waiting to wear this summer- gorgeous floaty things!

  4. Nothing against Floral Sarees. They look quite good if the print is nice & the blouse is well co-ordinated. I myself have a couple & love wearing them .

  5. reminds of of the saree worn by Kareena in “chameli’. Not liking the look too much since most house helps wear sarees like that. Manish arora would work magic on a floral saree.

  6. i think mini looks much better. i don’t like her sari but her happy attitude carries it off well. tina just needs to lose a stone or 2 and then she’d look great. if billionaires find it impossible to lose weight what hope is there for the rest of us.

  7. isi liye mummy ne meri tumhe chai pe bulaya hai..
    isi liye is sari koh maine aaj pehna hai..


    agree with annie about the boob comments!

  8. depends on the flowers really.. Something nice and subtle can look amazing and it can look like my grandma’s curtains as well. I prefer mini’s better.

  9. Ok, I’ve finally figured out what bugs me about Mini’s sari .. apaert from the Grandma print, that is.
    Whats with the misplaced / nonexistent sari pleats??

  10. I actually like Tina’s saree better. The giant flowers on Mini’s saree are killing it for me.
    @Bharati – Thanks for the nostalgic moment.. :). I thought Vimal was the height of fashion back then!

  11. i just cant figure out what happened to Tina. For a chick who was such a style guru in her heydays and now being married to an ambani has unlimited access to best stylist, dietican, physical trainer, chef etc – you wld think she wld be utilsing that and getting back to her smoking self rather thna the whole gujju housewife persona she has.

  12. Prefer Tina’s saree to Mini’s although the latter wears it much better. In Tina’s case, the washed out “I’m lookin all of my 51 years” look makes this the most terrible pic I have yet seen of Tina’s.

  13. I dont like either saree at all – but Mini looks more put-together than Tina.
    Also, Tina was one of the first “1 boob pallu” or worse “pallu between both” style – watch any of her latter movies.


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