All That Glitters…

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Moolah, moolah everywhere, not a stylist to be found? Oh Ms. Ambani!

The skirt we can live with, the top though has got to go; it does absolutely nothing for her!

Tina Ambani At Big Star Awards 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • I actually like her shoes and her skirt. Probably wouldn’t have done them with that god awful blouse. But brownie points for the bold appearance.

  1. r u kidding me?..the top does so many things for her….like hides her, makes her look disproportionate…and talk of age appropriate dressing!

  2. I think the top is namrata joshipura..have tried it and it it quite unflattering on most body types..of course, unless u are less thn 55 kilos

  3. Despite the fact that she appears to be a very sweet lady, these photos remind me of only 2 things. First, not everyone who has money has a good fashion sense. Second, its so sad becaue the top makes her look like some grown up who fished out a top from the back of her closet which might have been something she wore in her teenage yrs…. trying to hold onto something still.

  4. This look is a huge improvement. She has slimmed down which is great. The top is not great, but it does hides the extra weight, and it balances out the slim skirt. Tina has never been know for her sense of style, but she is taking small steps. I do not think of this outfit as being “not age appropriate” whatever that means.

  5. She looks hideous..but in some ways being a plus sized woman myself, I can understand her desire to wear sexy clothes… I mean all socialites around her are wrapped in Herve Legers and she has to stick to yards of abu-sandeep to cover herself, just because she doesnt have a figure to die for….
    thats a dilemma of most plus sized women..either be relegated to wearing sarres , salwars or venture out in sexy clothes and get ridiculed…

    PnP ..on an aside,,,why dont you feature some plus sized women regularly..who wear sexy clothes AND look elegant….i am a lot of your readers would love to take tips from that !!! :)


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