Throwback Thursday: Oye Oye

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This week we are throwing it back to Oye Oye – Gajar Ne from Tridev featuring Madhuri, Sangeeta and Sonam, who made harem pants feel oh so cool long before Kareena did in Mauja hi Mauja! What made the song memorable was not just the tune itself, but the number of stars (including all the villians!) who featured in it.

Oh! And how I loved Sangeeta in her gold number and red outfit. Say aye if you spent countless hours practicing all the moves! :P

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  1. will have to go back to look at this one…. ! great retro posts guys.. like it it much. maybe you could do a section looking at what yesteryear stars wore… on and off movies and appearances.. will be nice to know the scene back then. its convenient nowadays with so many brands and designers and stylists to help. im curious on the ole days

  2. I spent countless hours trying to sing this song. 3 female singers and I wanted to sing the entire song by myself :)
    Madhuri’s costume looks the worst.

  3. I love this retro section because these are the songs I grew up with. I wonder if younger readers of this blog would appreciate it as much. :) I never noticed their outfits in so much detail before. They look very cute all three of them. Amrish Puri’s facial expressions are hilarious as are the other villains who are hanging around in the background trying their hardest to look malicious. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next in the retro section!

  4. Ugh, the men are watching like creeps. Seriously, there are days i hate bollywood. Tacky outfits – all of them. Good song though, very catchy.


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