The Roundup: Femina Beauty Awards 2017

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If you know us at all, you’d know that outside of the blog, we are mostly very private. But then if we did a good job of being private, you probably don’t know us outside of the blog at all! Let’s change that just a wee bit, shall we? Going forward, we will be doing a weekly recap on our youtube channel. (Subscribe!) You can expect to see our favorites and not quites… And when there’s been a sizable event, a red carpet roundup.

Check out the video below and forgive any on-camera awkwardness. This was our first time and we promise to get better! :)

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  1. Couldn’t watch the entire video, got bored as I had seen these looks on the blog already. But fell in love with Priyanka’s gorgeous outfit and kept going back to look at it. I am excited that now we get to look at your own lovely wardrobes.

    • Same here! I started forwarding and didn’t bother to finish. It felt too long and with same looks that have already been featured and discussed. Honestly, I don’t mean to be too critical as it’s a nice attempt but I don’t see the point. For fashion purpose, pics and written content is so much better as we can discuss, zoom pics etc. Maybe occasional videos of covering local fashion shows, events etc would be more novel and fun to watch.

  2. Hi Payal & Priyanka,
    Kudos to both of you for bringing this style of interaction out! I think it was long due considering vlogging is the in thing. I have been a religious follower of HHC since last 3 years, in fact my day starts with this blog :) . I admire your work and effort you put in bringing us a fashion roundup every day especially of desi kind which is rare to find online.
    What I liked about the video was:-
    1. Both of you look appropriate for this presentation – neither over over the top nor underwhelming. I follow your instagram, too and you made a good first video impression.
    2. I liked the topic selected – current and has scope for fashion diversity
    Some suggestions which I feel can improve the video quality :-
    1. Lighting is bad. Please shoot with more light.
    2. You need to up the voice frequency – things translate different from real life to on-camera.
    3. Also wouldn’t have been better if you could also insert few seconds of video of each celebrity you discussed along with their stills?

    Come back with more of this vlogging stuff. All the best and keep rocking!!

  3. Pardon me if I am missing out on something, but the last I knew, you girls stay far away from each other, don’t you? So how will you be regular with such videos now?

    Coming to the video. It is indeed a nice initiative to give a further push to your blog! You both looked so chic & well-dresses, especially Payal. :D

    My fav was Roshini too. Discounting that awkward pose, she did look nice with that colour combo! I disagree with you on Shilpa. Although her dress was pretty, but the overall look very much reminded me of a little girl dressing up like a barbie. Add her yawn-worthy poofy hair & white-washed makeup and she didn’t look that good to me.

  4. Very good move with the video.
    I have been following HHC from Melbourne for many years.

    I would suggest you lower the background music or use a lighter tempo.
    Not easy listening to your comments over the loud music.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. You both look fabulous! So well put together! I watched your other video about your favorite accessories as well. Payal…you are so funny! Your camera awkwardness only adds to your charm. Keep the videos coming!

  6. I LOVED your top 5 jewelry choices. I would love to see some personal videos; your favorite accessories, clothing , favorite designers, your personal styles etc.

  7. I’m super excited about your channel! I really liked the accessories video ! Both your shoe collections are amazing so please do one on that ;)

  8. I feel since you guys already feature most information in the blog would be interesting to know your personal choices and must-haves(like the accessory vdo of yours),budget buys – where we could get something similar but for way less(for mere mortals like us ;-))
    I loved your house so maybe a little home styling tips could also help.

  9. Hi Just saw your top 5 jewellery video. What is the vintage website that you both love so much?? Didn’t hear it on the video. Also loved your Suhani Pittie necklace and wanted to buy it but it’s not listed on her website anymore :(

  10. Lol to what these two were wearing .. .. the lady behind all the comment about all the other celebrity…that orange lipstick was gross


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