The Lust List: July Edition

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mb-pump-lust-list.jpg ga-pump-lust-list.jpg

Left: Manolo Blahnik Right: Giorgio Armani

jc-clutch-lust-list.jpg bv-clutch-lust-list.jpg

Left: Jimmy Choo Right: Bottega Veneta

vivre-chunky-cuff-lust-list-2.jpg vivre-chunky-cuff-lust-list.jpg

Left: Spiral Cuff Right: Gilded Cuff

vivre-chunky-necklace-lustlist-1.jpg vivre-chunky-necklace-lustlist-2.jpg

Left: Bronze Necklace Right: Santa Fe Necklace

bv-tote-lust-list.jpg hermes-sling-lust-list.jpg

Left: Bottega Veneta Right: Hermes

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  1. omg i hate you girls! you make me lust for something that i can’t afford (not right now,anyway).. hahah… bad bad!

    on a more serious note, though, those manolos are GORGEOUSSSSSSSSS

  2. Those Something Blue pumps are gorgeous! But $945 is so steep. What saddens me the most is that, by the time I can afford to spend so much on shoes, these will go out! : (


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