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Also wearing custom Manish Malhotra at the SOTY 2 trailer launch was Tara. It seems like the instructions for the making of this dress was “a young girl who is modern but loves her roots” and while I appreciate the addition of the Kashmiri embroidery, did that really have to translate to a strapless poorly designed ill-fitted mini? Ms. Sutaria has looked so much better at her previous appearances.

Tara Sutaria

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. “so much better at her previous appearances” is a stretch considering 90% of the time it was in teeny-tiny crop top and something ludicrous.
    This dress could have been so pretty if she could resist the urge to have everything worn to be skimpy.
    Skin show can be done with bit more grace or spunk.

  2. That dress made sure we don’t miss her girls. Unfortunately for her, MM made a dress that wants to graduate from Saint Theresa and become a lehenga.

  3. The top of the dress is so tight it maybe cutting off blood circulation! I cannot even imagine the bruises and the rash once the dress comes off!

  4. bwahahahaha, what are her roots? If you want to wear a skimpy number, own it. No one’s judging you. This fake story of balancing tradition with modernity does not convince anyone.

  5. None of them remotely look like “students”. I dont know of any high school or college kids that dress like her, India or overseas. I know movie promotions these days are all about “linking to the story” hence that comment….
    They look “over-aged” (opposite of underage) plastic, over made up 30 year olds

    In India only Humanities students from JNU type universities usually prepping for civil services are usually/ working on their Ph.Ds around 30
    These three dont look remotely that nerdy, but definitely look way older than 18, and dress really weird
    They must be “Students” in Karan Johar’s fantasy…

    • Both are young in their early 20s and this movie is about university not high school so I don’t think their age matter.
      Eventhough the university in the movie looks extremely unreal the way they dressed are not. I see girls wearing way shorter dresses and coming to my uni even in the Autumn when it’s 15 degress.

  6. I’ve looked at all the posters, all appearances, trailer and trailer launch. Tara’s dressing on screen and off seems to be show cleavage all the time, and keep the outfits short and skimpy. Ananya’s seems to be high necklines, no cleavage, okay some midriff, and athleisure.

    I’ve also noticed that MM gave Ananya a covered neckline and poor Tara an ill fitted cleavage show. I almost get the vibe that the outsider girl is being “used” and the industry ki beti is being sheltered. But thats just me. Maybe it’s the role play. We will have to see what they both go on to choose down the road.

  7. I clicked on the link to see her previous appearances and they are no better than this outing. I guess that is her wheelhouse – middle parted long hair, excessive make up and super tight, skimpy clothes exuding “hotness” because as the younger lot, they have to wear their sexiness on their proverbial sleeves. And once they get a lot of negative comments about that, they will start making appearances once in a while, in pretty chikankaari suits with dupattas, sans make up. I can’t roll my eyes hard enough!


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