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Ladies, if you haven’t already then you must invest in a clutch that fits your budget. Am all for big bags but nothing kills a dressy, evening outfit more than a biiig bag.

While we aren’t exactly gushing over that outfit, anything that Ms. Dutta might have had going for her is obliterated by that big bag. Big bright patent red bag at that.


Tanushree Dutta At Mukta Arts Anniversary Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Clothes (and bag !!!) aside for a minute .. I cudn’t even recognize her !!!!! :O
    Y the whole makeover (and therez no delicate way of saying this) the weight !!!!??

  2. MY QUESTION IS – What was it that she just HAD to carry in that BIG bag to a party! hmm….
    and we won’t even get started on the hair…..

  3. ohh! I couldn’t even recognize her, until I looked at the bottom of the picture to see who she was!!! What happened to her?? The outfit, bag, the hair and the weight!

  4. wow she looks diff from her miss universe days!
    i really like that bag tho.. obviously not with the outfit in question.. her suit is meh.. the kameez is nice/decent but not digging the tights.

    P&p, do u know what brand that bag is??

  5. Let’s face it.. tanushree dutta was NEVER quite the nicest dressers in Btown. So i am not at all surpised by this one. She ruined it with that big red riding hood bag of hers.


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