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For her appearance at the recently held Beauty Awards, Tanishaa picked a Gauri and Nainika dress. Earrings from EDesigns and black accessories that included chunky platform pumps rounded out the look. Neither the dress, nor its styling worked. The dress especially was an unfortunate choice; does absolutely nothing for Ms. Mukerji.

Tanishaa Mukerji In Gauri And Nainika At Vogue Beauty Awards 2016

Tanishaa Mukerji At Vogue Beauty Awards 2016

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. WTHeyy in SOOOO many ways. These people must have a mirror at home no if not an honest well wisher to never allow them to walk out especially in front of cameras like this?

  2. Tacky earrings and an unflattering nose ring, a dress 2 sizes too small, and accessories that don’t really go together.. Gotta be tanisha mukherjee! Tanisha and Ameesha are the queens of tackiness

  3. Dress wid black zip, slant bustline….so many things going in a single outfit! Most importantly, nt suiting her evn a single bit! As for footwear, hv nvr seen anyone wearing such sky high heel..must b 6 inches..I just cn nt imagine myslf walking in dose ankles vl twist for sure!

  4. Can, theoratically speaking, designers refuse to lend a celebrity their creation? Like, no its my gown, I won’t give it to you. You take everything and ruin it. No, no no.

  5. I really have to believe she doesn’t own a mirror or refuses to look into one! She also needs to fire her stylist, stat. Whoever your stylist is Tanishaa, get rid of her. She doesn’t like you one bit or she wouldn’t take your money and then put you in these WTHey outfits.

  6. Why does tanisha insist on wearing tight clothes? She can do so much better. The epitome of “rich tacktastic” – people who can afford the best, but somehow still manage to pull off a tactastic eveytime they step out.


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