Looking Good!

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The color is fabulous. Actually, we haven’t seen Tanisha look this good (strictly relatively) in quite a while.


Tanisha At EMI Music Launch

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  1. Isn’t she also wearing the same BCBG dress like Twinkle..and the others? The color is rich and suits her. so yeah she looks good…can’t help not notice the wet stain on the dress ;)

  2. Looks like she needs a bib. I see a spot of whatever she has spilled near her belly button area. :P
    You’re right, she’s looking awesome, almost perfect here.

  3. lol i think the stain is from perfume… some people dont realize that perfume/cologne should be applied onto the skin and not on clothes

    the dress looks good on her though. nothing new compared to the bcbg dresses people have been wearing lately, but a new look on her.

  4. P&P- Why do all these people hold their cell phone in thier hand? Clutch or no clutch, the phone is always in the hand…maybe I dont get it but is this acceptable? Do we ever see international celebs do that too???

  5. nice colour, though my eyes are transfixed on the stain on her belly – as I fight my OCD to just strip it off, rub some stain remover and scrub, scrub, scrub. Jeez. Need some Prozac now.

  6. Is there some crazy tan mark around the tummy of the dress? Did she drop some curry in haste? Wonders, though, the dress seems nice.
    I hate her hair!


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