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Tamannaah attended Priyanka’s bash wearing a pink metallic skirt with a printed tank, cropped denim vest and a Moschino embellished moto shoulder bag.

She looked good, but I have to admit, I do find the yank bag to the front pose, a wee bit amusing. ;)

(Chances are, the photogs asked for her to show it off. :P)

Tamannaah Bhatia With Moschino Moto Bag ( BUY )

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Asked the same question myself. Just goes to show that a lot of supposed “fashion icons” (not that Tamannah is one, but in a more general sense) really don’t have an inherent aesthetic sense when it comes to clothes.

      They just possess a lot of confidence to carry off a style, and perhaps are able to appreciate the art of sartorial flair whilst not possessing all that much of it themselves.

  1. “She looked good” – are you guys for real? I’d like to understand what about this look is good in your opinion? From my perspective, I’m not clear what look she was going for. The shoes, the bag, the hair, the waistcoat….doesn’t work in any way. Also that skirt is so ill-fitting. Seriously, am I looking at the same picture as you?

    • Yeah she looks good. Its more to do with her poise/smile I feel. Most in such avatar will seem to be trying hard. Lol. Not a fan of the skirt though.

  2. I have observed this about Tamannah – She is all about showing off her latest gear in majority of her appearances. Before people jump to conclude “well that is the case with all celebs”, possibly yes. But in her case, it is always slightly more apparent maybe because of her lack of personality.


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