In Rami Kadi

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Tamannaah attended the AsiaNet Awards on Friday evening wearing a gorgeous off-shoulder Rami Kadi, a label she has been favoring a lot of late.

Not that we are complaining. Why would we when she keeps looking so good in the designs.



Photo Credit: Manu Mulanthuruthy Photography

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  1. Is there anything she doesn’t look good in?? She is one of those women who will look good in a sack and thankfully I have never seen her wearing one. I attribute it to her fashion sense of course, but also to her great bod and facial structure. She is a barbie doll indeed, too perfect!

  2. What a perfect look ! Wish Tamannah had gotten a chance to represent India on International platform. Very classy yet elegant. Superb !!!

    • International platforms are overrated. It’s better to live and work in India. Most people I know in India have more money and more glamorous lives than people abroad. It’s tacky to think that being international preferable.

  3. lol I actually don’t agree. I feel like she does not have the personality to carry off anything and everything comes across looking as blaaaah. Only me?

  4. She is breathtakingly beautiful. And that blue on her skin tone is just gorgeous. She looks great in those pavda dhavanis/saris too. Western or Desi, both suits her so well and her makeup/hair is always perfect. <3


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