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She Hearts Dior

While traveling for the ongoing ‘Unforgettable Tour’, we spotted Preity Zinta carrying the Dior Gaucho tote. And it hit us, she even has the Dior Double Saddlebag which we saw on her a while back at the ‘Don’ premiere… What surprises us is why does she have both the handbag and tote versions of the same bag? She must really love them!

Oct, 06
Aug, 08

Dior Gaucho Large Double Saddle Handbag
Dior Gaucho Tote


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Wearing It Two Ways

Spotted Preity Zinta wearing the same black belted top first with a bright long skirt in Toronto and then again in Port Of Spain with a pair of denims.

Yeah, we know that it’s not like she can’t afford to pay for excess baggage but I rather think of this as an example of saving space when travelling by carrying pieces that can be worn differently.

preity_toronto_skirt.jpg preity_jeans.jpg
Left: Unforgettable Tour Press Conference, Toronto, Canada
Right: Unforgettable Tour Press Conference, Port Of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago


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Ready To Kajra Re

Poor AB Sr. His luggage was lost while travelling to Toronto and so he has been having to wear the same stuff for two days now.

But, it was surprising that he was wearing his same old look from “Bunty Aur Babli” when he arrived in Toronto. Was it because he didn’t want to miss out on performing “Kajra Re” with the family? ;)

P.S. Is it me or isn’t the whole scarf look totally borrowed from “Coolie”!

bunty_aur_babli.jpg amitabh_unforgettable.jpg


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Changing It Up

After a few appearances in the same old “blazer and denims” , it was nice to see Aishwarya change it up a little by wearing a Chanel bouclé jacket with denims and Cavalli sandals for a press conference in Toronto.

But, isn’t it warm in Toronto now?

Above: “Unforgettable Tour” Press Conference, Toronto
Below Left: “Unforgettable Tour” Press Conference, Mumbai
Below Right: “Sarkar Raj” Press Conference, Hyderabad
aishwarya_blazer.JPG aishwarya_hyd.jpg

Edit: Swapped pics

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