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Throwback Thursday: Har Kisiko

Well this week for Throwback Thursday (or more like Flashback Friday for some of you), I am throwing it back to Har Kisiko from Janbaaz.

Ask anyone about Sridevi and her sari looks from back then, and the first answer you’ll get is the blue chiffon from Mr. India. But, for me, it was this song that had me totally mesmerized. It also helped that the song was just so good (and so much better than its remake.)

P.S. Do you remember Rekha’s number from this movie. That was also another favorite. Song, that is.

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Throwback Thursday: Raat Baaki

Back in the day, growing up in the 80s, I was just so enamoured by Parveen Babi as am sure were you. With Mr. Kapoor’s passing away, it only seemed appropriate to revisit this today because while I loved Jawaani Jaaneman for its OTT gold (also from this movie) I liked this a wee bit more because of its subtle glamour.

How amazing does Parveen look in the sequin black gown? There’s your Christmas party inspiration for you, right there!

On an aside and feel free to call me weird, but am getting quite inspired to do the two sari looks worn by the extras! Loving the solid pink on pink and the printed green on green. Look for it at the 1:25 mark and the 3:27 mark.

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Throwback Thursday: Khoon Bhari Maang

Oh boy, there’s so much to talk about the 1988 film, ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’. But let’s limit ourselves to that one pivotal part of the movie- that post-makeover point in the plot-line where Fashion had as much of a starring role as Rekha did in the movie.

Rekha In Khoon Bhari Maang

All of Eighties excesses were given the ‘Bollywood’ treatment and refined down to its campiest, is-a-model-must-be-debauched vampy, glamorous essence. And quite frankly, can’t imagine anyone but Rekha braving the lamé.

Rekha In Khoon Bhari Maang

Let’s not forget the epic dance-off. Mo’ fashunn! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I give you this-

Yes, it didn’t age well. But it’d be unfair to write off the part cringe-y-part awesome fashion in this movie. It pretty much summed up the average moviegoer’s perception of “high fashion” then and looking back, it offers a unique insight into the time. Perfect for a throwback!

Also, the lamé. So. Much. Lamé.

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Throwback Thursday: An Evening In Paris

This week let’s throwback to ‘An Evening In Paris’, the Shammi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore starrer. To be honest, I don’t quite remember the movie, but the leading lady sure left a lasting impression.

I love the Sharmila of Ray’s movies (that’s another post entirely) but this one was quite something else. Maybe it was the poise and elegance with which she imbibed the fashion of late Sixties, a fashion era that am quite partial to. She delivered the style of the time and then some- bouffants, dramatic cat-eyes, tightly draped saris with short pallus and blouses knotted at the back that she wore through the movie.

I am a child of the Eighties and didn’t discover this movie until much later and by then it already had the vintage appeal I have since come to love. (If you follow me on Instagram, you know.)

Though the styling wasn’t particularly path-breaking or novel for the time, the reason why it holds up so well even today is essentially because of Ms. Tagore. Some of the most stylish cinematic moments/movies have worked because of both the fashion employed and the chemistry brought in by leading ladies’ style in to the mix. And Sharmila sure made those chiffon saris look super chic in Paris!

Sharmila Tagore In ‘An Evening In Paris

A stand-out moment from the film was when Sharmila burst on to the screen in a swimsuit. A scene that caused mild controversy and some censoring on TV, but one that cemented the movie’s high-on-style status. Can we all agree she nailed the look? I mean it’s not easy competing with that blue unique to South of France and still come out on top!

Anyone who can rock a one-piece swimsuit with pigtails is a-okay in my book. But kids, don’t try this at home.

Sharmila Tagore In ‘An Evening In Paris

I wish I was able to source better images but this was all we could get our hands on. If you have any memories of this movie or any other that you particularly remember for the fashion of its time, I’d love to hear it!

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Throwback Thursday: Oye Oye

This week we are throwing it back to Oye Oye – Gajar Ne from Tridev featuring Madhuri, Sangeeta and Sonam, who made harem pants feel oh so cool long before Kareena did in Mauja hi Mauja! What made the song memorable was not just the tune itself, but the number of stars (including all the villians!) who featured in it.

Oh! And how I loved Sangeeta in her gold number and red outfit. Say aye if you spent countless hours practicing all the moves! :P

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