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At two different handbag events, spotted the same Cavalli on both Tanisha and Ammu. A case of friends shopping together or dipping into each other’s closets? ;)

P.S: Will update with full-length pics when we find ’em.

Left: Tanisha Mohan At Tod’s Event
Right: Ammu Saidi At Harper’s Bazaar And Gucci Event

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In Gucci

At the launch of Gucci’s India Exclusive line, spotted Tanisha Mohan wear head-to-toe Gucci.

She chose to keep her look monochromatic, and while she does look good, we can’t help but wish there was something to break it (the mono-tone) up a bit.

Sure there are a lot of colors out there that work in the scheme of monochrome, but that much of bronze/copper is just a lot to take in! Shoes in a slightly different (if not neutral) tone would’ve helped.

Maybe we aren’t feeling this look much because of all those color-blocked outfits on the Gucci runway which we quite unequivocally loved… Having seen that, this almost feels anti-climatic! ;)

P.S: That’s a clutch from Gucci’s limited edition India Exclusive line on Tanisha.

Left, Centre: Tanisha Mohan At Gucci And Harper’s Bazaar Event
Right: Gucci Spring 2011

Gucci Spring 2011

Photo Credit: Style

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Face Off!

At a recent event both these ladies chose to pair their dresses with stoles and yellow bags… As delish as the yellow Birkin on Tanisha is, Feroze wins this match-up hands down.

Love her (Feroze’s) look head-to-toe. Must have those shoes.

P.S: Feroze is in Burberry and the bag is Tod’s.

P.P.S: Click on the image for an enlarged picture.

Feroze Gujral (Left) And Tanisha Mohan (Right) At Tod’s And Harper’s Bazaar Event

Photo Credit: Karan Thapa

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In Falguni And Shane Peacock

We’re all for contrasts but that red BV knot was just too much of one. This look would’ve been much better with a black knot so that those cute leopard-print pumps could have some eye-ball time.

On an aside, is Ms. Mohan a Falguni Shane Peacock spokesperson too? We’ve been spotting her wear a lot of the label and wonder if she is going the Pria Kataria Puri way.

Tanisha Mohan at Versace Unique Phone Launch, Delhi

Photo Credit: Karan Thapa

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Yin And Yang

The two Delhi socialites (and friends) couldn’t have gone a more different route at a recent event… While Tanisha sported a Léger bandage dress (yawn), Ammu went with a colorful desi outfit. Props to Ms. Saidi for changing it up.

Snoozefest, thy name is Hervé Léger bandage dress. Sigh.

Tanisha Mohan (Far Left) And Ammu Saidi (Far Right) At Circa 1193, Delhi

Photo Credit: Karan Thapa

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