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Genelia on South Scope:(Un)Covered

We expect a photoshoot to go a lil’ beyond the norm but South Scope sure screwed this one up with the weird ruching and the curl overdose on Genelia (a la Priyanka).

Left: Ranna Gill, Spring 2009
Right: Genelia D’Souza on South Scope Magazine

Photo Credit: BollywoodHungama

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Trisha In South Scope: Decoded

Trisha makes her Bollywood debut tommorow opposite Akshay Kumar in ‘Khatta Meetha’. The south star who has featured in a lot of Tamil and Telugu movies was featured in South Scope magazine styled by designer Chaitanya Rao.

While, I love the pieces Chaitanya chose for Trisha, am so horribly disappointed to see the beautiful Anand Kabra sari paired with jeans (see inside). Don’t get me wrong, I love fusion, but this is sacrilege! (Ok ok, am overreacting, but the sari is just so purrrrty.)

Oddly enough, I also couldn’t help but remember Shilpa’s Cine Blitz cover on seeing the last pic of Trisha wearing the Chaitanya Rao ensemble (see inside).

trisha south scope 1

Chaitanya Rao


Rimzim Dadu


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