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It’s All In The Family!

The Niece: While I do like two-toned shoes, Sonam’s look more clownish because of her two toned outfit! Would love to see her in an all-black outfit and then sport these shoes..

The Aunt: Big rule of stripes. Always wear vertical stripes. They make you look taller. But, Sridevi’s jacket is doing nothing for her and just making me dizzy!

(Corrected: Its vertical stripes not horizontal!) Thanks Sudha! ;)




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A Double Take..

That is what we took because at first glance, the two outfits (Rani’s and Sonam’s) looked so similar, we wondered if it was the same one..

Well the bad news ( Yes.. I said bad news!).. is that it isn’t..and the reason that it is bad news is because the churidar style that Sonam wore would have been a thousand times better than the pyjama pants that Rani sported!

And then we would have had a different headline.. and maybe it would have said “Who wore it better?” and maybe Rani would have fared better in that regard!



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Police Diwali Show: Fashion Roundup

Category: Truly Traditional In A Sari

The Best: Raageshwari in white!

The Good: Priyanka in green. (Too bad I like white better!)

The Bad: Aishwarya in red.
(Karva Chauth was last week!)

Category: Casually Ethnic In Salwars

The Best: Urmila in a brightly colored Anarkali style ensemble!

The Good: Sonam in royal blue and red.

The Good: Deepika in pink and gold.

The Bad: Esha in this awful green print.

Honorable Mention: Sonali in black.

Category: What were they thinking?

Rimi Sen in denim

Mallika in crochet

Source and Source

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Speaking Of Gold..

What’s up with Sonam wearing gold flats with black panty hose?

If you are going to dance.. don’t wear a short flwy dress. If you are gonna dance and wear a short flowy dress…don’t wear sheer black panty hose. If you are going to dance and wear a short dress with sheer black panty hose, don’t wear gold flats!


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