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Wearing Color

Shveta Salva wore it glam while Vidya Malwade went for sophistication. A wonderful color, it must be said though that in this instance it didn’t translate that well into Vidya’s evening gown look! Thats not to say that this color can’t be worn on evening attire (it can and it has), its just that here the color only adds to the dated silhouette making it appear even more jaded. But then, it might just be us, like with all things fashion, its all about personal style and is oh-so-very subjective! :)

Vidya Malwade At Gorgeous Skin Care Launch
Shveta Salve At Maxim Hot 100 Bash

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Vogue August (Un)Covered

The Vogue India August Issue is dedicated to the TV stars of India, Shweta Salve and others. (I would love it if you can help me identify them because I don’t watch soap operas!) But, I am so disappointed with Vogue India!

We have hotties like Nina Manuel and Candice Pinto, who very well deserve a cover of their own and Vogue goes and features some TV soap opera starlets like these on the covers in what seems like Manish (yawn) Malhotra outfits…

Ms. Priya Tanna, if you are listening, this is not what I want my “Vogue India” to be! (How can we get you to think outside of the box! The Idiot box for now, at least!)


P.S. I already spot the Christian Louboutin Noeud Sandals on the person on the top right as we have already seen on Ms. Malaika Arora Khan.

Edit: Here is the inside flap of the cover…

L To R: Gauri Pradhan, Tina Parakh, Resshmi Ghosh, Gautami Kapoor


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Almost, But Not Quite

Clearly a case of over doing it! The normally hot Shweta Salve really missed the mark this time. In theory, it was a great idea to break up the monochromatic black and white look with some color, but clearly that pink clutch, the blue (?) eye-shadow and that bracelet just don’t work! With just a little editing, she would have totally made it work!

Shweta Salve


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