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Cast Of Firaaq At DIFF: A First Look

It is a sari we have seen before on Nandita (and thankfully she ditched the granny shawl), but the cast of Firaaq impresses at this premiere at Dubai Film Festival.

Call us biased, but going traditional at an international film festival always wins it for us. ;)

nandita-das-dubai-film-festival.jpg sanjay-suri-shahana-dubai-film-festival.jpg

Left: Nandita Das, Dubai Film Festival
Right: Sanjay Suri and Shahana Goswami, Dubai International Film Festival


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Wearing It Two Ways

The thing about tanks are they can be worn in so many different ways so it never really gets boring! Here are two people taking your regular black tank top and while one glam’ed it up with an embroidered skirt and choice of accessories, the other keept it casual and simple with a plain one. What’s more your style?

Neha Dhupia
Shahana Goswami


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