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An Exercise In Understatement- Almost

Raageshwari off-late has been spotted dressing rather understated which cannot really be faulted!! Between designer-couture shimmer and street-side bling, its always good to see someone who wears her style with simplicity and elegance.

But who said it was a perfect world?

Anyone notice the blouse of choice at the Yami awards? Now, why do they go ruining a good thing?

At Police Diwali Mela

At Yami Awards

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Satya Paul’s Pop Art

Satya Paul’s latest collection reminds me a lot of Manish Arora. Let’s put it this way, if Manish designed sari’s then this might be what they would look like and maybe a little better. Still, Paul’s collection has it funny moments with the Oogle sari that features a browser and the address bar pointing to his online store.


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